Connectors CINCH (RCA)

I'm sorry ah to those who are looking for flowers, and our tulips is a little similar. They look like this:

Nests and cords Tulip

Because here, you will go about connecting AUDIO and VIDEO through the tulips, then the sample will show:
1 drawing - TV
2 figure - something that we really want to connect, for example DVD

RCA Jacks in the equipment

Oh, how many Tulupnikov and many of the same color, where to poke? For this we have to read labels and understand where to connect ad

figure 1

Looked closely and saw that all tyulpanyi divided into groups. We need to find the group which has the label IN or a circle with an arrow inside. We have been a group called AV2. On the TV don't forget to switch input. Still there are some letters, now decipher:
V is the connection of the video signal, that is, image
L is the connection of the left audio channel
R is the connection of the right audio channel

figure 2

Here things are a little different on this, I will first decode the desired label:
VIDEO - hence the images will be taken
MIX L - the total left audio channel
MIX R - shared right audio channel

In principle, for simple connections, this is enough. You now need to take the cord and connect live with video, sound with sound.

Standard type cord a Tulip-Tulip

Well, just in case, will describe some designations to connect the speakers, if you have any:

COAXIAL - digital audio output, it doderzhatsya all of the following, is used in more expensive hardware
FL - front left, column to the left of the TV
FR - the front right column to the right of the TV
SL - surround left, rear, rear left
SR - surround right, rear, rear right
CEN Central, under - over - in front of the TV
SW is the subwoofer, buchalka that invites your neighbors

Well, that's all, if you haven't found what you wanted, see the here

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