Component connection video

Let's deal with the component connections. Take for sample a TV and DVD:

COMPONENT - socket

Well, here it is quite simple. We need to find such inscriptions red Pr , blue Pb and green Y nest. Circled and signed COMPONENT - that's what we need.

Y - the level of brightness, and synchronization signals
Pb - the difference between the amount of blue and brightness
Pr - the difference between the red and

I think we this abbreviation is not needed, this take cords and connect. You can get stylish (the color), and it is possible and customary, the main red with red, blue with blue and green issue ....

componentnode Cords for connection

But early to rejoice, to watch you, but what about the sound? Because read my lips not everyone is able. In DVD simple. Find AUDIO and plug-in the left ( L ) and right ( R ) channels of audio, here are the exits. And the TV need to look for AUDIO IN or a circle with an arrow inside, these nests will be located very close.

Connected them appropriately right with right, left with left. In the menu, switching inputs, we find the inscription COMPONENT and switchable, as in old TVs doselevel button to this message. Well, then enjoy watching ab .

componentry Set input on TV

If you are in this topic didn't find a connection, looking for a here

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