Connection via S-Video

S-Video connector is very similar to the five-pin sockets used on equipment of the Soviet period (television, tape recorders), used primarily to record or census of the audio files (reels, cassettes)

S-Video Pinout

If you have this connector and have expressed a desire to connect through it, but don't know how, I will try to help you in this matter.

Jack S-Video

First of all, we need to buy a cord S-Video (or adapter) and a Tulip-Tulip, the main thing - do not buy very cheap, and the fact that marriage has become a lot lately:

S-Video - cables and adapters

Find on the instrument, the nest and connect them with a cord. Just like all bn what to do if the nest we have such one? For this purpose I have shown an adapter S-Video on a Tulip socket or the plug, but wire. Of course you will ask, why purchase a cord a Tulip-Tulip, if it is outside the second connection and do not need?

The answer is very simple, it sounds like something should be connected, because the S-Video is only an image. AUDIO is usually located next, as shown in the photo dividerci, and the TV will be signed AUDIO IN or a circle with an arrow inside.

You have to include hardware and find the switch to S

And, as you can see it's just ab
If you want to know about other connections, refer to here

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