How to connect computer to TV

Take her handsome, which you are reading this article out of it and find that this connector is VGA, as shown in the photo. If you have a desktop computer, the worse you will have to crawl under the table zloi collecting dust , usually they are there and look exactly the same connector.


This description will have to go for TVs, which has a slot VGA . At the same time fote also find this connector, but other than that it is necessary to submit a sound. For this purpose we find tyulpanyi (round socket) with the name AUDIO IN or a circle with an arrow inside.


For image connection use VGA cord, and the audio Jack is a Tulip. VGA VGA, Jack where you have output to the speakers, where tyulpanyi described earlier.


On the TV screen, select MS or VGA, may designate.


But on a computer, if the automatic switching of the screen, does not happen on the desktop screen, not on where he stands ag , using the right key select the desired display status, and monitor.

Select status display and monitor

If you have HDMI connectors, everything is much easier. Connect and select the desired number of input HDMI.

HDMI connectors

Like everything, if you are interested in some other connection, then you can read in this topic. ad

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