How screwed F-connector for antenna cable

This topic will show and tell how to wind a universal connector on the cable.

Introduce dx , it is antenna cable with impedance of 75 ohms, diameter 7 mm. Please do not confuse the wave and resistance: a wave cannot be measured with a simple tester, but it is very important for quality of signal transmission by cable. If the cable is old or oxidized, the attenuation of the signal passing through the cable, can be so strong that a beautiful picture on the input, the output is - or will be over, one rippling with goosebumps

As you can see, it consists of a thick inner core, shield and insulator. I want to warn you that whiling away the copper core with, preferably, and then you get nothing. Almost all know what happens if perichoretic power cord. This will show the antenna cable is also respect. pliz

Select shoroshim aerial cable

Connector is a cylinder with internal thread attached to the rotating nut, outside - hexagon, and inside the same thread. ck


Of the tools for the job, you will need: a knife, wire cutters and pliers. hn I Hope you have with these items is no problem. Will settle down, all the extra people from the room expel, not to interfere and get started. gk the First operation is the removal of the top insulation, 10 mm. How to do? Very simple. Take a knife to the eye, whom the eye suffers can with a ruler to measure and cut the top insulation. Strength most don't apply, otherwise you will suffer the next layer - the screen. When the incision is made, the upper shrinkable insulation.

Remove the top layer of insulation

I hope not tired, and still a lot of work. Hook the screen that wanted the same cut, and wrap on the top layer of insulation, not much flattened, and then nicoletis doctor and work on not want.

Wrap appletu

Now along wrapped screen, cut the bottom isolator, not afraid, as thick centralto difficult to cut, but I will not argue, everyone has their own abilities. Do not forget that the bottom cropped cable isolator, also need to be removed.

Cleaning the Central core of the cable

Initial sweep done, you can go to smoke, drag as to be hard work. After resting, take the connector and from the cylinder, wrap the stripped end of the cable. That would not shoot down the fingers, as we are on the cable will push the thread, take the help of pliers or pliers. And turn until we see the insulator near the beginning of the second nut.

screw-on connector

If in the beginning, smoothed out too much cable, you will have excess to trim here and pliers handy. It is necessary to bite off at an angle of 45 degrees, then it will be easier to push centralto clamps.

Now let's talk what this is all we did:

Plug and socket

This F-plug, folders - nurse, angular, all to connect the cable to the TV and the antenna socket in the wall.

Straight and angle plug with cable

If you need to lengthen the cable, then comes to the rescue here is the adapter:

Connector to cable

Why not make simple the usual twist? Firstly because such strands often break off and is not very aesthetic appearance, poorly sealed, if the connection - outer and certainly have a percentage of losses several times higher than the ready-made special adapter

Correct connection of two cables

And suddenly you won Lotorev or just buy a TV and you wanted him to watch in another room, then this will help splitter (simple allocator). It has one entrance and two, three, four or more outputs, it depends on so many TV sets you need to do cable wiring

Dispenser of a television signal

Please note that high-quality dispenser, the ratio (or percentage) of losses should be minimal, if, after installation of the valve, the signal was much worse than it was, and you know already that I have wound and connected correctly, then the splitter is defective

The basic needs I described and if you see like that is shown, then Orient bs If You prefer to study the process of winding the plug on the antenna cable at the video please, especially for you small tutorial.

More and more see that's a wrap connector. And the picture of the advertisement, well... tired to redo these connections ac . I have the feeling that the advertiser, such things himself in the hands not kept.

Cheat plug from the Internet advertising

That is, according to its advertising, ample politka connector to keep the connection, that is a good connection. I decided to do the same, look what I came up with:

Well, I liked ab Now really, how would ourselves have experienced as F-plug or F-connector, connection cheat ag Excuse me for such a vulgar name it is they, the bourgeoisie came up with these names, but we need to correctly wind the plug ay the Main thing correctly to select the size of the connector at the cable, there are different sizes of bf

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