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I'm tired of carrying around two phones in my pocket, so I decided not to buy one phone but with two cards? bw to Find such any work not made up our fellow Chinese supply us with their mobile phones even for 3-4 cards (5 - not yet seen ap ). The task was complicated by the fact that I needed not just a two-SIM model and dual (CDMA+GSM), as it turned out, the normal "originals" from the leading manufacturers such as Nokia or Sony Ericsson does not exist: I he "China" or "China"

Needless to say that Chinese fakes of the originals are not distinguished by quality?, I think that is not necessary, You already know it. Cool Chinese mobile (Ah-von, smartphone, and other curses), lizana externally with some fresh models, nothing to do with the original has not. Yes, they are loud yelling (there will be several speakers, a built-in TV, FM-radio, support MP3, video formats, there are toys and fun... but they are very few phone, I believe that these phones are more similar to MP4 player, which can, in extreme cases, you have to call girl_phone2gy

Having studied a number of such, to put it mildly, phone, name, to be exact - a sticker which has no value, found a very interesting thing: almost all the dual models had the ability to record in address book only one phone number per user (single contact) ai No, well, is this normal? I pick up the phone-multiple SIM cards, and can record only one number an (immediately admired her old Nokia, which you can burn as much as five phone numbers for one contact + address + additional information + birthday + music + picture + still have a lot)

When I hinted about the possibility sync phones CDMA+GSM with your personal computer, I answered only one thing: such a function they have not been and will not be, other sellers were trying to tell stories, that's all there, here's a USB connector, plug and download music, games, videos from computer to phone or Vice versa. Then I put the question differently: does the phonebook sync between phone and PC?, - here there was no answer at all ac

I understand that those who have got used to change phones like gloves, do not bother: all the contacts stored on the SIM card and constantly move from one model to another, however, for me personally, this method does not suit because of the limited and trimming information stored in the SIM card. It was then that I got the phone company BLESS, like this:

Bless DS808 dvuhstvornyh phone

Bless DS808 dvuhstvornyh phone CDMA+GSM had a neat tight case, quite a respectable appearance, and most importantly!!! the ability to record up to four phone numbers + additional information to one contact. Ask the seller it can sync with a PC, got the answer: Yes, this function is, there is a program, just me (according to him) failed to synchronize bn

After receiving the phone and the program, came to the conclusion that the work should... but doesn't work: missing the driver and connect the device is not recognized. Official website of the company (he is, as range of phones comes Bless others just kick user support - module without oil, there is nothing: no program, no drivers, NIFIGA zloi

Torment, I found the necessary drivers and software for the synchronization of the range phones (Bless DS802, DS808 Bless, Bless DS812) and many others. All the necessary software you can download from our exchanger or to find on the Internet (more recent software versions)

If You are the owner of Chinese mobile phone, the first thing you need to do is to connect your phone to PC using USB cable. After you connect, in the phone menu (I have it popping up immediately after connection) you need to set the USB configuration port:

  • Mass storage - the PC sees the phone as a removable disk, if You put an extra memory card when two drives (music, pictures and videos to upload from computer to phone and back)
  • webcam - if your phone has a camera, it can be used as any ordinary webcam
  • COM Port - configuration for synchronization with a PC
  • Connection Java is for lovers of fresh toys
  • PictBrige - work with images (not used, I do so quietly poured in the phone)
  • Storage device - phone as a flash memory (to record any information)
  • Since we are interested in synchronization, select: COM Port go to: control Panel > administrative tools > computer Management > device Manager > Ports (COM and LPT). I see there is a new unknown device to a computer to see Your phone and was able to work with him, you need to install the driver. The set of drivers you can download here the link: driver installation under Windows-98, Windows-XP, Windows-7, Windows-Vista. When the wood will be installed, You will have one COM port:

    Install COM port drivers

    Next, we need to know what processor the phone. Such information is not always I, for example, on your be not found, but found an interesting program that knows it. I'm talking about MOBILedit!, to read about the main advantages and opportunities of this program and you can download it here: MOBILedit! Final RePack (rus). This universal app, I thought, brought together and maintained contact lists with my two phones (Nokia and Sony Ericsson)


    Honestly, it would be possible and to stop, because all three of my phone, including new Bless DS808 perfectly synchronized, but there was one caveat: incomplete matching address book fields, as I now knew inside my Bless DS808 is a processor MTK 6235С, I wanted to find the program field in which to match 100%. It was MTK Phone Suite 6235 (rus), dwell on it a bit more

    First of all, download the program with the interface in Russian and English here: MTK Phone Suite 6235 (rus). The correctness of its work tested by me personally, so no need to worry: it is very easy and convenient. Run the program:

    MTK Phone Suite

    Connect your phone USB cable to PC the drivers should already be installed and configured USB as com port. If the program itself is not automatically determined the number of the com port (the first time you connect), go to the tab: Install manually and write down the size of the display screen of our phone (needed for auto-correction of images of internal graphical editor) and the com port number (it will be there in the dropdown box). Information about successful connection of your phone with a PC will appear in the lower right corner of the information window:

    Installing MTK Phone Suite

    Go to tab: phonebook, the program prompts you to download the phonebook from the phone, if necessary, download it, copy (the boxes with tips at the top) and drag on a PC. Here, under the PK and "Basket" refers to two folders on your computer. That is transferred to your PC and be the backup, but if you have any contact accidentally delete, then you can restore from the folder "Basket" (not to be confused with Basket on your desktop)

    Phone book MTK Phone Suite

    All phonebook fields are totally correct, the number of characters in the rows with the same capabilities of the phone (no stupid cutoff for copying or saving), support for the Cyrillic alphabet and all icons. If You are in the folder Phone, all changes happen automatically because You actually are in phone, just letters and numbers typed on the computer keyboard, not on the keyboard of the phone ab

    Synchronization in the program MTK Phone Suite

    For the rest of the tabs - I think everything is clear: work with the file Manager, music, pictures, SMS and MMS messages to your phone directly from the screen and keyboard of the computer. I wish you success az

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