Overview of TV aerials for receiving DTT channels T2

Yes... if I were not a wizard, and a seller, this article perhaps would never have seen the light well, or would the same praise as tons of others on the same subject. Well, what can I do, I do not sell these antennas, but to tell all your customers why their super-fancy and expensive antenna, specially designed to receive digital terrestrial channels T2 does not work - here it is necessary to do several times a day. Interested?, then read on ad

  • Antenna for digital TV T2
  • to assemble the antenna for T2 with your hands
  • Good indoor antenna for receiving digital channels T2
  • Antenna with amplifier designed specifically for digital TV
  • External antenna, adapted to the digital system DVB-T2 and HDTV
  • Other digital tales for those who still believe in them
  • Analog TV is shut off, all the digital antennas!!!
  • You already bought the tuner set-top box to receive digital terrestrial television?, connect it to your antenna and TV, has produced configuration? The channels have all 32? Great, don't touch ANYTHING and it will work! ay unfortunately, there is described the ideal option when You are the happy owner of a normal outdoor UHF antenna or a window overlooking our tower.

    And if not? So we go to the market or to the store and ask the salesman to sell us a good quality indoor antenna to receive digital channels, you agree to contact the work on the roof for the installation of outdoor antenna is not very desirable, and so: put the room near the TV in the corner (not to interfere) and enjoy digital quality picture ah

    So, we came for the antenna and is not in vain, because the sale just a little while ago we received the latest models of antennas 2016, developed by the Japanese Corporation "ascension" specially for the reception of digital channels T2 in HD quality!!! aibi ... and are in fact mere pennies: 200-400 UAH, well razve that money? we're going to watch digital TV, the normal will soon be cut off, so there's reflection and negotiation bl

    We buy, and how not to buy? there is already right on the box sticker T2 the size of a watermelon, then just go!!! Come home, plug it is a super device to the antenna input of the tuner T2 and .... scratching your head, just in case a couple of times to knock the antenna on the console (for prevention), shake the antenna, however, the channels and don't want to vystragivaetsja from it and get on the TV screen. Defective caught, but damn, tomorrow again to go to the store and change it with another one ac

    Come, the seller looks at us with big round eyes and starts to tell weird and strange things about the line of sight of the tower, the view from the window, the need to purchase a more expensive external antenna.... and money to give does not want. Sadly, he's right and not obliged to return us the money for the quality of healthy product, because the antenna's characteristics (if not a complete leftist from China or Odessa), but the fact that from our window on the first floor is visible to the tower, and the window of the neighboring high - rise buildings- it is, sorry, not his problem. Law the distribution of television signals has not been canceled and our ignorance does not relieve us from liability, the seller is not obliged to carry out training, so he just do not sell bn

  • Best indoor antenna for receiving digital channels T2
  • Don't believe me?, - she's in front of You, Yes, it is a simple UHF antenna days of the Soviet Union, nothing better invented (talking about antennas without amplifier). This antenna, popularly referred to as the "airplane" will give odds to expensive cool indoor antennas with amplifiers, reflectors and other gadgets bf

    Regular UHF antenna

    Transmission digital terrestrial channels T2, regardless of the format, even in HD quality, is at frequencies of UHF and no special antenna, designed exclusively for their admission to not exist, unless any radio Amateur will not make such an antenna yourself, making accurate calculation at frequencies at which the transmission of digital channels in the city

    In order to assess the need for an outside antenna, it is first necessary to try to adjust the channels on a conventional indoor antenna, which I recommend to read the following material: Frequency, assessment of quality of reception and tuning of digital channels

    Please do not buy this stuff, worth RS 300-500, they don'T work or WORK on the letter "x", do not think that the word "good" zloi

    Indoor antenna with amplifier

    Before you go for a new antenna, look at houses or markets conventional antenna plane, replace ragged by this time in 3-4 places the cable, check the quality of the soldering of the Central core, housing, and the plug - it still will serve You better "Japanese" antennas made on the border of Odessa and China bs

    If you get it, at least to check, the usual UHF antenna You get, buy better than any of these, they are cheaper at times, and the returns will be roughly the same al

    Simple room universal antenna
  • Antenna with amplifier designed specifically for digital TV
  • supply and Demand, if there is demand for digital antennas new generation, so they need to invent and sell, preferably quickly, and then, God forbid, people will understand what's what and stop to pay more money for non-existent function ce

    Here is one example: cool room!!! super antenna ARU-01, only she can make the T2 channels in appropriate quality, of its characteristics:

    the Antenna is designed to receive terrestrial TV signals, supports all digital TV standards DVB-T and DVB-T2, including HDTV.
    the best option for use in areas with degraded reception conditions
    Compact stand included for easy placement
    the Antenna is made with flexible thin cable with a length of 3 m. May be added as an extension.
    Extremely easy to use, unlike other does not require accurate settings signal source

    Expensive indoor antenna for T2

    Now let's translate these characteristics of advertising language on Russian. As we already know, antennas developed for digital TV and especially HDTV under no means this line:

    the Antenna is designed to receive terrestrial TV signals, supports all digital TV standards DVB-T and DVB-T2, including HDTV.

    read: Antenna designed to receive television signal is analog (Yes, analog because is 100% digital signal does not happen, the modulation in any case - analog) UHF

    the Antenna is made with flexible thin cable with a length of 3 m.

    Translation: applied thin cable that does not have a good screen and prone to breakages, but it is beautiful

    unlike other does not require accurate settings signal source

    Translation: the antenna is not directional and wideband type, so perfectly catches not only the main signal, but all mirrored, folding them into the picture, do not attempt to configure.

    To summarize: for 300-500 UAH (power supply separately 70-80 UAH, if not going to use power from the receiver), we offer the usual UHF antenna with amplifier in a beautiful building. Hey listen, can't a simple UHF antenna cost 150 UAH, and the antenna for receiving digital TV standards DVB-T and DVB-T2, including HDTV - may ag wonder if it is something like this (from DIY section) with a small Board ucilka

    diagram of the antenna for reception of channels T2
  • External antenna, adapted to the digital system DVB-T2 and HDTV
  • Represent the same common UHF antenna, but exposed. I want to note that they are directional, therefore able to provide high quality reception, provided line of sight to the tower or the good of the reflected signal (one, not a dozen) who have forgotten, read: How to choose and correctly install a television antenna

    T2 Outdoor antenna

    And what if we live far from the city (the TV tower)? There are simple external antenna will not help, no signal gain we can't do bh , but here we come to the aid of progress, meet: 1097 Televes DAT 75

    High quality terrestrial antenna Televes DAT 75 1097, specially designed to receive digital terrestrial signals TDT COFDM that provides great features and for receiving analog broadcast signals.

    a very cool aerial with amplifier

    In active mode, the DAT 75 Televes has a very swarnalakshmi preamp (MRD module with F-connector), is supplied separately and is intended for those cases where the received signal is very weak, for example transmitting center is removed for several tens of kilometers.

    Cost such a miracle - more than $ 100, but the situation is hopeless, to watch TV as it is necessary, the main thing, that man is in any case not caught the eye of this antenna that cost $ 10 al

    Polish aerial with amplifier

    And then he could buy, install and not know what he's watching digital TV is quite wrong, not about quality and not for the money ap

    As for the amplifier boards), but on an ordinary "Polish antenna" or "trays" full of them, they cost pennies, you can buy in any radio shack, or markets, that is also impractical, from an economic point of view of the seller.

    circuit Board amp

    the a Small addition to material: do not forget that output power from the slot digital tuner - 5B, and the voltage required for normal operation of the antenna amplifier of the Polish - 12V. Therefore, you cannot use the output of tuner for this purpose: the antenna amp will not work and the antenna will not be able to give You the channels in appropriate quality (is worse than on a simple antenna without amplifier)

    I also came across a waterproof antenna for 300 bucks, but, with Your permission, I'm going to leave it at that, because I'm sure You, like me, are well aware that the production of a sealed plastic housing for ordinary UHF antenna is not worth $ 300.e.

    I remember a phrase from a movie, literally can not remember, but sense such: the dish called "eggs of the usual" two eggs with a slice of bacon can cost the restaurant $ 20, and the "Breakfast King", made with the same type - can draw conclusions and do not overpay for air ab

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