How to choose and install a television antenna

Question: tell me, what is better to buy an antenna for TV?, - began to sound so often that I felt a pressing need to write a few words about the types, types of TV aerials, installation system and the television signal transmitted from the TV tower ab Which antenna is better to buy a cottage or the village? This question is especially relevant in the beginning of the summer season, I will try to give an answer, a lot depends on distance to tower, terrain and line of sight, if Your cottage is near the town and tower over the river outside the window - suitable room, but... let's order

First teeeeeny

First of all, antennas are: metre (for reception of channels meter range VHF, UHF (UHF) and universal (all-wave). What do You need? - What are You going to watch? If the normal terrestrial TV channels, universal Kaku (Mykolaiv): inter, STB and Perche - are translated in the meter range, and all the other 13 - in UHF.

Digital terrestrial channels are transmitted in the range of decimeter waves, so You can use any antenna other than purely "meter", remember that no special antennas to receive digital television T2 does not exist bt

What is there to do if you just stick something in the antenna socket of the TV and think it would work well... it happens only in fairy tales bk Most of the complaints about the poor TV refers to the problems associated with poor signal and antenna, and does not indicate malfunction of the scheme of the TV.

Ancient repairs of TV

Ripple, shimmer, bifurcation, noise, loss of channels is not a complete list of problems caused by a broken antenna, dangling cables, plugs or improper installation of the receiving antenna bs

TV antenna is a complex technical construction, and its calculation is not as simple as it may seem, therefore, if You are not a hobbyist, just buy ready-made (but not modern Chinese, but normal), no need to assemble the antenna from empty cans or some obscure bars with the wheels bt

TV signal is very small (amplitude), any violation on his way to the reception from the antenna to the TV (antenna a rusty, old cable, lots of twists, incorrectly soldered plug) will cause large interference and noise on Your TV screen

In the shops and markets of the city the sellers often try to sell the buyer a more expensive antenna with amplifier, with an emphasis on the fact that the amplifier removes interference and makes a good signal. People buy, put on the TV, watching... and then going to argue with the sellers, because these super-antenna work worse than simple with no amplifiers. Why? Does the amplifier is not fulfilling its role? ai

Antenna booster

Performs, and that he is not omnipotent, here, for example, right photo famous Polish antenna (dubbed so by its people, but for me is a good pan for smoked fish ah ). It would work well if You are in the village of 30-60 kilometers from the city and then only if it is installed higher on the roof of Your home. If You are in the city, then, instead of improving, will get the full game, as it will begin to strengthen not only the main signal from the tower, but also a lot of reflected (from buildings)

On left no less famous and expensive indoor antenna with adjustable gain and incomprehensible impressive reflector. Do You have one? Well?, - that's right, nothing bl Any Soviet indoor antenna works best if it's not broken, why? bc

And this is good outdoor antenna at the top - a perfect all-wave universal below universal with amplifier (I doubt that he is needed there, but the owner decided to put this can also a grief-sellers have been listening). Let's focus on the upper antenna, what is it so good? First of all, the fact that she directional, a reflector (tray) is missing, therefore, provided a line of sight to the TV towers, this design will take the main (straight, with strong and high quality signal, all the reflected - no ay

Outdoor universal antenna

Two sticks (on the edges) are used for accepting channels of a meter range, and airplane, with transverse ribs (according to folk) - UHF channels: here the antenna I advise all of You to put on the roof if You are a city dweller, and tower - no further than 20 km away.

Then do reflector? He needed to collect all the crumbs weak signal (when the transmitter is very far away), these crumbs impact (as a satellite dish, here are the round thingies that basin name), and focus (together and amplified directly at the receiving part of the antenna. In satellite systems, the role of the collector signal) performs head, as in conventional antennas, the metal pins and the edges of the Central design bf

How to get good television reception? you need To know the laws of its distribution, so let us discuss this issue in more detail ad

The most important rule that will provide You good reception signal: sight the television tower, where is Your antenna. Put simply, the antenna must see the tower as we see through her eyes, because the signal travels directly, it cannot to turn a corner, go around the obstacle or climb up the window, well he does not know how to do it bn

a line of sight signal

If the front of your house (window, the place where the installed antenna) is obstacle (stone, brick, concrete, wood), the signal from the tower just impact from him, but can't get through (he's not radioactive hx ). In this case, you must look for another way, for example: high-rise building, located behind the tower, but it is good visible for Your antenna

Building blocked the signal from the tower

So You will get a reflected signal from an artificial reflector, which can be any high-rise building, the antenna is not directed in the direction of the tower, but in the opposite direction (to the reflector). This, of course, worse than a direct signal, but, believe me, is better than one who will give antenna with amplifier

Catch the reflected signal from home

If you expand the antenna to the transmitter (tower) that we will get the TV signal is much worse and weaker because it will be the second a reflection, not the first. Quality lost at times, so watching TV will not bring You joy

Double reflections

Now imagine the most common in the city the situation: You are surrounded by tall houses, and a tower.... she's out there somewhere, it can not be seen ac As can be seen from the figure, neither of which live signal cannot be and speeches, the signal is reflected from each of the houses and, as a result, the antenna catches a whole bunch of echoes ck

a Lot of reflected signals coming to the antenna

As distances from all reflectors (houses) are different, the signals no develop is (as a satellite dish, where the distance from any point on the reflector head is the same), the result of such a cacophony will become a doubling or tripling channel on the TV screen. And we consider this an outside antenna, and the room, even the coolest and expensive, in such a situation turns into a furniture

The last option that we consider here: You live directly under the tower, and the signal is just disgusting, why? issue the Answer is simple:

Close to the tower, the signal does not pass

TV signal is cannot to descend straight down, it has a specific transmission angle, that is to say, in simple words, it will fall down only after a couple of miles under its maximum angle, and those whose antennas are directly under the tower, get a set of reflected signals, which, as we already know, can ensure the quality at


  • the best antenna is the one aimed at the TV tower, and the last is line of sight
  • Antenna directional type is better than wide angle (unless You're a resident of the village, located far from the TV)
  • Antenna must be properly assembled and installed
  • Cable needs to be new and to have a minimum of breaks (twists) and compounds
  • do Not use the old plug and distributor, they must be new and well connected
  • to avoid unnecessary problems, call a specialist in the installation and adjustment of television antennas, and he will make everything right and You will enjoy great signal for years
  • Well, now You know everything you need to TV channels are well shown, wish You success, and I while will go, I will note the article and the end of the day a bottle of beer az

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