Receiving and tuning digital channels T2

I don't know where it went, but somewhere took the view that to receive the air digital channels, a good antenna does not need and the quality of the received signal does not matter, they say they (the channels) have caught always and anywhere shock

In fact, good and stable reception of the even channels is very dependent on the location of Your antenna, its quality and the correctness of the installation location and tower visibility, without complying with these conditions, we get the desired result, razve that only as the picture below bn

there are No channels on the TV

What to do, T2 no signal or Your TV shows little T2 channels: adopts not all 32 digital channel, but only 24, 16 or 8, what are settings and frequency digital channels T2? issue Honestly, this question wording is not quite right, I brought it only because these are the questions I began to ask more and more ah

TV, unless it supports reception of DVB-T2 and it does not establish a special CAM, can not make himself the essential T2, it operates in the monitor, i.e. shows what caught connected to tuner. Therefore, the right question to ask is this: why is my tuner set-top box has found and shows less than 32 channels ad

In order to understand all this, let's start with the theory, because, without an understanding of the process of receiving channels, nothing for us to do. Our rig is established 4 transmitter that operate on the following UHF frequencies (UHF): 578 MHz (СН34), 618 MHz (CH 39), 690 MHz (CH 48) and 770 MHz (CH 58).

If you do not go into the details, they broadcast the channels as well as all other transmitters installed on the tower and we transmit regular analog channels, the only difference in the transmission frequencies hu

Not clear?, not terrible, now cut the shit and look at packages of channels T2 at frequencies bf Each of the four transmitters (channel T2), also called multiplex to the frequency 8 channels, hence 8x4=32. The table shows that at a frequency of 578 MHz (СН34) relayed channels such as: inter, Ukraine, 1+1, NTN, K-1, UT-1, ICTV, enter film

the Channels of the first multiplex

For those of my readers who live in Nikolaev not, see table of transmitting frequencies for digital terrestrial channels in all cities and settlements of Ukraine at this link: frequency table of the channels T2 in Ukraine

If the antenna connected to the tuner not able to catch the most 34 frequency channel, all of these eight channels to tune in or lose. How to understand what it is: the problem with antenna or digital console? Very simple: swap the antenna out socket of the tuner antenna socket of the TV and looking for these channels (the essential) how 1+1 and 35 CHANNEL (SATURN)

the secret is, the channel 1+1 transferred to 33 frequency channel, and 35 CHANNEL - on 35, this means that the quality of the show these two channels can be judged on how well will be the first digital TV transmitter operating on 34th frequency channel (he's between them) bs

If 1+1 and 35 CHANNEL show you clean - no problems, the digital channels also will be accepted good and, if not, you need to re setting up the tuner, will not help - then there is a chance the tuner is a little broken or at the telecentre hosts temporary preventive work bc

Small ripples and stains - bad, but not fatal, most likely the channels work (with small interruptions), but strong interference and noise in the image indicate that the signal received by the antenna at this frequency is repugnant and digital channels (eight of these) will not (they can stop, hover in one picture, to stutter...)

Now then, by analogy, the following 8 channels is transmitted from the second multiplica (transmitter), operating at a frequency of 618 MHz (CH 39) - MEGA, Pixel, hockey, UFO TB, 2+2, star-TV, Tonis, Weather TV

It may happen that at the time of reading this material, a canal is replaced by another then do not blame me, to rewrite and edit a bunch of articles - not so easy, the main thing - remains the principle, about which I'm telling You now bk

the Channels of the second multiplex

See what digital channels we have, in Nikolaev, the closest to this frequency, so.... this TV (37 minutes frequency channel), and ICTV, muscle 40th frequency channel dq In the quality of their reception judge the reception quality of the second group of eight digital channels

I know, I know, now You tell me that you can not switch the antenna, and use the tuning strips "signal Level" and "signal Quality", which is in the settings menu of any tuner ag Yes, unless the tuner is OK, but if not? ae that's what I write to You, my Dear Friends, possessed the maximum amount of information ab

Go to the third transmitter frequency: 690 MHz (CH 48), digital channels transmitted on this frequency: Goldberri, Bank TV, Vintage TV, doctor, OGTRK, TV, Lider TV and March

Channels of the third multiplex

To verify, use (we, in Mykolaiv to Ukraine channels can be different, but the meaning and principle of the test this does not change) K-1 and 5th channel. Frequency broadcasting, the SN 47 and SN 50 accordingly, the quality of their reception make the appropriate conclusions.

and finally, the fourth multiplex, broadcasting: 770 MHz (CH 58), passed: MTV-Ukraine, Ninotchka, STB, TET, K-2, New, M1 and 5-th channel

fourth Channels of the multiplex

Analog channel by which to judge the quality of the reception of this set of 8 digital channels, TET passed to the air at a frequency of CH 57

Well, now You know what (believe me al not all masters know, so, armed with this knowledge, moving on ab what's next? cb a-A-a-a!!!, I almost forgot, hereinafter - the decision of problems with poor reception of digital channels ah ready? ....sleep hunting ge okay, a little more and write on the side gs No, on second thoughts, nighty night! br

good morning Everyone! I'm already awake, you can continue ab so now we know how to distinguish the faulty tuner from the bad input, now let's talk about possible solutions to the problems related to poor reception of the channels T2. You have such a receiving antenna?

Good antenna for receiving T2

No? It is a pity, because it (the outer, universal) is the most ideal solution, however, and there are some nuances. Simply install the antenna in the right place and make correct cable connection is half the work, care must be taken. to avoid being swept away by the wind inside and not exposed to water, otherwise the antenna will turn into a normal roof a Scarecrow for crows hv

Broken antenna

Very often an outside antenna look as in these photos.... I think it is clear that they did not really work, with the same effect can be had just a piece of wire put on the roof higher. If You have an external antenna and a long cable - don't skimp on the cable, buy a new one, with a diameter of at least 7 mm, otherwise the losses will be more than you can imagine: the signal can fade to almost zero cm

Broken antenna

In antennas with an amplifier, the weak spot is the amplifier and power supply to it, if You - the owner of the outdoor "Polish" antenna (right picture) and see that reception of channels there, and before everything was fine - check the power supply to the amplifier and plug through it via the antenna cable, the power is up on the booster itself.

Antenna booster

The amplifier too can burn or it can get water, check the connection cable by the amplifier and inspect for rust. Plastic box, closing cost pilka, not sealed, if this is not correct (any sealant, paving the contour), wind and rain will do the trick.

Indoor antenna with amplifier (picture on the left) is actually the letter "x" but not the word "good"), often a simple room works better than this monstrosity with the ever terminating cable and plug zloi do Not rule out that someone got lucky, but I have seen enough people to work these pseudo-antennae - so no good words come to mind

One catches TV channels is good and the other bad? If they are both connected to the same antenna, it is necessary, first, to check dispenser:

Distributor of TV signal

Swap the outputs, it will give information about what is faulty: one of the outputs (and it happens) or a problem on the way of the signal (cable or plug). The figure is a good dispenser if You have a different (small, thin) - marriage there... smile32 the Most unpleasant - when the whole internal wiring: cable and plug for connecting the antenna cable embedded in the walls: I but... to first problem ac

Happy TV - happy host

Another option: if possible, move one of the TVs in the room, which is the second, then plugging it on the same cable, it is possible to understand where exactly the problem: the TV or the cabling of the bs

Well, like all written, I hope this article was useful to You and help to solve the arisen problems with reception of television channels, I wish you success ab

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