Types of digital television

Currently, the following types of digital TV - essential, cable, satellite and IPTV via the Internet, let's look at each of them and learn all their advantages and disadvantages ad

Recently there was a call:

- I bought a smart TV, need to connect and configure the af
- Connect to what and what to configure? issue
- Well, all that is needed, it is new with 3D bd
- So You have something to connect? bn
I want the digital channels to watch bc
- You have satellite, cable or Internet? ck
How do I know???!!! zloi
- Well, at least a simple antenna is? ah
- No!!!! girl_cray

This is a clear example that man in the store just sold the TV at a higher price or he bought it, not sure what, why and for what. From our conversation, I realized just what he wants to watch digital channels, but how to do it, you need to view what to buy, what to connect, it was not thought out, but in vain bt

As a simple analog TV dies more and more people are thinking about digital TV and actively seeking information about where to take it and what it needs. In this article I will try to tell You about the types, styles and necessary equipment for receiving digital television channels, as well as on the choices provided by the suppliers of digital TV to the residents of the city of Nikolaev and area.

Digital terrestrial TV
  • Digital terrestrial television
  • Stream digital channels or rather the channels in digital processing, is conducted with the television transmitting towers are located in our (or any other) city. To receive the necessary UHF aerial, aimed at the tower, connected to tuner-console, intended for reception of digital terrestrial channels

    If You are the owner of a new TV with support for standard DVB-T2, then, instead of external tuner boxes, you can buy and install CAM directly in a specially designated connector of the TV. Advantage - full control of one of the native TV remote, lack of SAM is not a standalone device and it can only be installed in new TVs with DVB-T2.

    TV T2

    Indoor or outdoor antenna depends on the location of your house or apartment, it is indirectly possible to estimate the intake of essential simple UHF channels if they are working properly, without a strong ripple and terrible noise - so digital channels also can be configured on the same antenna bs

    To read and to study in detail information about this relatively new for Ukraine, the transmission channels in the following articles:
    - General information about essential T2 television in Ukraine
    - information about transmitted programs, frequencies, receiving, configuring, digital channels
    - what to choose and how to install TV antenna to receive the channels T2

    - excellent signal quality, clean, and beautiful picture (assuming good signal)
    - the TV does not matter (except for the antiquated, do not have connectors for external equipment)
    - digital tuner set-top box not tied to the TV, it can easily disconnect from one and connect to another TV
    - the reception is everywhere, where it allows the TV tower, which is being broadcast (same as analog channels, where you can take them there you can take T2 channels)
    - this television is conditionally free (for now), enough to buy a receiver or a COM module

    - few channels (32 at the moment), especially good, ORT, Russia and other Russian programs
    - the need to purchase a receiver (tuner-tuner for each TV (if You have a flat or house there are 5 TVs, need to buy 5 consoles)
    - about any HD quality of received channels may not be out of the question, the translation is in the usual format, all four multiplexes (transmitter on tower) Packed to capacity.

    Digital satellite TV
  • Digital satellite TV
  • In fairness, it should be noted that satellite television is always digital (in the history of the creation and development not going to go deep ad ), it just now began to emphasise the sellers and installers of equipment for viewing satellite TV channels.

    For satellite TV, You will need a set of equipment which can be bought independently, as well as install and configure, but I would recommend You to consult the experts who will take care of all this: acquire broad, will perform the work and provide warranty service.

    Digital satellite TV

    Be sure, before buying, ask the seller (the installer) list of channels that they can offer You, don't put it off for later, thinking that all the channels You wanted, will be able to find after installation and configuration

    Digital satellite TV in HD - this is emblazoned more and more often, what does that mean? Now there are more and more channels in HD or HD resolution. For a better understanding of the meaning of the word HD, which began to sculpt everything that you can, I highly recommend to read the following material: formats the HD and screen resolution

    What do you need? Need satellite receiver, capable of receiving and processing of HD quality channels, it costs more (2-3 times), but the quality is higher. Any HD receiver is able to take not only HD channels, but the channels in standard definition and a simple receiver - only channel standard definition. One caveat: in order to really appreciate the advantages of HD resolutions, Your TV must also support this format, otherwise the overpayment meaningless bk

    - a large number of channels in perfect quality (until the satellite is gone or the storm started), and for people who speak foreign languages - even it's difficult to count more than 1000
    to one plate it is possible to connect several TV, but the receiver required for each TV, and combined heads are expensive
    setup and viewing is possible practically in any corner of the globe, the main thing - that it was clear sky, the main direction of orientation of the plate (us) the South and East
    - the ability to connect and pay packages interesting programs

    - no monthly fee (of purchase card) access are available only to international (open) channels, they, of course, much, but not so very many good programs encoded
    - the need for constant reprogramming or reconfiguration of the tuner (about every two to three months), as the frequency of the broadcast change.

    Digital cable TV
  • Digital cable TV
  • Provide this service almost all cable companies: NKTV, Landscape, Norm...., once again I draw Your attention that the digital terrestrial TV cable TV not translated, we are talking about digital channels, access to which it is the office of cable TV and each provider are different

    Signal digital cable channels are transmitted in the format of (standard) DVB-S and is the same cable that is already in Your apartment and that You already have analog cable channels. To view the digital channels, You will need to buy cable receiver that the seller (company) to which You are connected or intend to connect to. All receivers are stitched specifically for a certain cable network, so the receiver is purchased, for example, in the company of Landscape will only work with a signal from the company (on its cable network), the network NCTV it work will not.

    Connection to DVB-C

    DVB-S is one of the standards of the family DVB, providing the technology of digital television transmission on cable television networks, many TV's latest release is able to receive the signal of this standard without any external boxes, if it is not encoded

    Viewing digital cable channels on one of the home televisions, does not affect viewing analog cable channels on second or all the other stream is parallel, it is enough to do the wiring of a television cable on the required number of connected equipment

    Do not forget that the cable TV - private companies and they really want to eat dq so, in Your monthly fee, that is paid for viewing analog cable, not included pay-per-view digital cable channels. Besides buying a cable receiver, you will need to choose the necessary package of channels and to make him a payment monthly. Read more about packages of digital channels and their value in your local the companies to which You are connected, I'm sure they will be happy to answer all Your questions

    - excellent quality of channels, in the absence of issues by the cable and its gasket
    a good choice: more than 100 channels for every taste

    receiver, purchased for viewing cable TV, suitable only for the company that You bought it and to which You are connected, you can sell it if necessary, would be problematic
    - the presence of a subscription fee (rather big), free TV channels
    - payment for the digital cable attached to the receiver and not to the apartment: if You have three TVs, You need to buy three receivers and pay for three sets of channels.

    Digital channels NCTV

    Recently, the TV company NKTV announced the start of broadcasts of free digital cable channels (about 90 pieces) that You can take them through the receiver or configure on any new TV tuner card which supports the format DVB-C. To see what channels are available to our attention, at this link: a package of cable channels OUTDOOR

    the transfer Settings digital open channels NCTV that You need to put in the TV's menu to configure the following:

    - Symbol rate: 7000&
    - QAM: 64
    - The frequency at which the open broadcast channels(MHz): 362, 370, 378, 386, 394, 434, 450, 458, 786, 802, 810, 818

    Don't forget that free view digital cable channels only to those subscribers who are connected to the package Advanced, the rest using the package Social, these channels are still not available. In order to see what You pack and what you need to do to go to the package "Advanced" - refer to operators NKTV by phone: 1569 or 47-09-42

    Digital TV via the Internet
  • Digital TV via the Internet IPTV
  • First of all, there are websites that broadcast TV programs (online), viewing them directly on Your monitor, limit is the speed and the quality (resolution). We all enjoyed the "tube" (YouTube) and probably noticed that most video files you normally see only in a small resolution, you should install full-screen viewing.... and here they are: brake, squares and blur. This is due to the fact that the source size is small, therefore, if you increase the picture drastically drops quality

    What do you need to view channels via the Internet? Well, at least the Internet itself, with unlimited high-speed. Minimum Internet speed, for normal viewing channels in HD or just good quality - 5Мбит/h, this means that no leased not do. Internet via 3G modem, despite the promised speed 5-8 MB/s, the real issues of 50-200 KB/s, with a speed that is not the view, just to surf the web problematic page in 10 seconds open zloi

    The second problem is rate of return, with which we want to watch the channels during the free preview, usually speed or quality (resolution) and chopped hard enough, but You will immediately be asked to contribute a very modest (in comparison with the salary of Bill gates) pay for the opportunity to use this service without restriction. If You have found a website that delivers quality viewing of TV channels, you can connect your computer with TV using, for example, an HDMI cable and enjoy watching on the big screen read more about connect TV to PC please read our articles gn

    IPTV Connection

    IPTV - this is really interesting, this service now provides companies such as Wild Ass,.. Oh, I'm sorry, but our understand apthe Wild Garden, Trion and other Internet service providers. The point is that the service IP-TV works inside the grid (local), so the speed of communication can reach 100MB/s, and this is more than enough to allow transmission and reception of TV channels in excellent quality in real time, and they (the channel) airs a lot

    To view IPTV, You will need a router, also called automated IP-prefix, which is bought in the Internet network You are connected or want to connect to. Router is a splitter that allows you to share the Internet to multiple computers and the console, and the console already is in order to allocate from the General stream of Internet information, TV channels.

    The console connects to the TV via cable HDMI to receive the channels in HD quality or by conventional audio-video cable with connectors of type 3RCA or SCART if you are connecting to a TV without HDMI interface. More detailed information on the cost of equipment and services - learn from Internet service providers, I have no relationship

    As promised by the providers, You will need to pay only the cost of set-top boxes, the broadcast digital television program is free inside the local grid. But it is not clear if special programs are downloaded to your computer to connect to IPTV, the ISP only needs to give You the activation code and viewing is possible directly from any computer without any external consoles issue ,... sounds fishy to me, very much reminiscent of the "promise bowls" with the same NCTV-person, and as soon as a lot of people bought their consoles immediately channels suddenly began to pay bw

    - a large number of channels in excellent quality with HD resolution
    - pay (so far) only for the equipment, the viewing is free

    the IPTV connection is possible only in the coverage zone of the provider (where there is high-speed Internet leased)
    - equipment (prefix) are also tied to a service provider in another city with her not to leave
    - if the Internet (well, this is the same), we lose and TV with all your favorite channels

    Now let's get back to the telephone conversation described at the beginning of the article, well, tell me, was all this smart TV? That's right - really not needed, so don't really believe sellers prove to You that without a smart TV (preferably with 3D) You will not be able to connect to digital TV. TV with the ability of the Internet maybe You have to view on the big screen your favorite movies or music videos, if You find the the website that provides such services in the relevant quality and for a modest (better - zero ag ) cost online, or that prevents easy to download the same movie from a beloved exchanger to their computer and then burn it to a disc, flash drive, or simply by connecting the TV to the computer start the movie on the big screen ab

    This let me bow out, now You know where I can get digital TV, as well as all that is required, I wish the right choice and good mood from viewing digital channels, stay with us, all the articles are constantly updated gc

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