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The vast majority of modern digital cameras external design is also reminiscent of film cameras virtually obsolete. However, there are companies who are not afraid of experiments with new designs and forms of photography. One of these companies - British firm Conran and Partners, which released an experimental camera Conran Camera

Conran and Partners

Over the last couple of years we have seen several experimental forms of design cameras, which, even now seem quite unusual, but in the future can become a classic. It is, for example, about the camera Instagram Socialmatic, reminiscent of the icon of the program Instagram, the camera without a camera Air Clicker or the camera tube Lytro Camera, you do not need to focus.

Conran Camera

The new concept of the camera came up and a British company, Conran and Partners. She created a camera in which there is no usual film camera viewfinder, no electronic screen that displays what is in the lens. But right in the center of the housing of this device there is a round hole through which the photographer must look for the objects that you want to photograph.

Instagram Socialmatic

The result can be seen already at home when the photographer will merge the captured images from the camera to the computer. Critics of this decision, the company Conran and Partners offers to remember the days of analog sets when viewing the footage actually had to develop film and print photos.

Air Clicker Camera or Lytro

However, to see pictures before, after all, Conran Camera is equipped with a module for wireless transmission of information Bluetooth with which you can connect to your smartphone, although I have little doubt that it is very convenient: after each shot to see the result on the phone, and the fact that we have become accustomed to this, I hope you will not deny

Through the camera Conran Camera the company Conran and Partners plans to combine in one device the beauty of instant auto shooting with full manual functions control camera, though it is not clear how it will look in practice, so time will tell.


A few words for those, who really reads and who cares. I found a time when film cameras were almost everyone who was fond of photography. Despite the fact that the fans enjoyed the typically black-and-white film, process photography and post-processing was very interesting and exciting. The photographer carefully chose the type for shooting, because the number of frames in the Filmstrip (usually 36) to see the result to the developer - will not work

sheer optics

Soap came into use in the late 20th century, distorted the process of photography beyond recognition, although it gave everyone the opportunity to feel like a photographer. Didn't need to do complex processing film and printing photos. Everything was done in a semi-darkroom, and the pictures themselves bloom colors.

Digital cameras that have replaced the soap dish, all learned people to take pictures, the camera chooses the shooting mode, no need to think about a limited number of frames, choose the correct exposure.... took some shots a couple of hundred shots, and then took a normal and finalized with photoshop.... easier, but only technically, to make a beautiful picture from the first time - it is only a real photographer

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