A prosthetic hand controlled by smartphone

Engineers of the American company Touch Bionics created a prosthesis of a human hand called i-Limb Ultra Revolution, which can be controlled not only through the muscles of the forearm, which is attached to the prosthesis, but also via a mobile phone (smartphone), is able to give a lot of commands such artificial hand

the Prosthetic i-Limb Ultra Revolution

Modern smartphones is not just a mobile phone with advanced functionality and multi-function devices, much like computers in miniature, with which you can control the car, robotic equipment or simply home devices, and now smartphones will help you manage your electronic high-tech prosthesis.

Prosthesis, controlled by smartphone

The first such prosthesis is of a new generation was introduced recently by the American company Touch Bionics. Artificial hand i-Limb Ultra Revolution (or simply i-Limb) is a prosthetic human hand. Like many other such electronic devices, it can be controlled with the help of muscles of the forearm to which it is attached. But this method is not only for this model.

Denture so that you can write

Fake hand i-Limb can be connected via wireless interface Bluetooth to their handheld smartphone that the software is installed, providing management and control functions of the prosthesis. This mobile app allows you to make the prosthesis twenty-four different mechanical action that will help its owner in most domestic situations of everyday life.

Multifunction prosthesis

Running smartphone artificial arm will help a person to tie shoelaces on the shoes or boots to take and let go various subjects, turning the hand and fingers in different directions and in different combinations. I think that the functional set of standard mechanical provisions, it will be easy to increase the software by adding those provisions of the fingers, which are necessary to man for his work and usual lifestyle.

prosthetic hand i-Limb Ultra Revolution

i-Limb even typing on the keyboard, and no matter what it is: a standard keyboard of a home computer or laptop, or a touchscreen of the same smartphone. Please note, the prosthesis externally so similar to a real brush that it is indistinguishable if, for example, to put on gloves.

running smartphone

The denture i-Limb Ultra Revolution in automatic mode adapts the size of the object with which it interacts, and prolonged inaction itself "relaxes" by moving into so - called standby mode, in the sky, in the natural relaxed position of the brush of a human hand.

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