Bicycle generator charging for mobile phone

Engineers of the American company Siva Cycle proposed a solution to combat discomfort, delivered a quick discharge of batteries in modern mobile phones and smartphones, now the owner of this device, provided a love of sport and a healthy lifestyle, will be able to charge my phone while Cycling.

Siva Cycle

Long gone are the days when mobile phone was put on charge once a week or even less frequently if there was a little talk. In standby mode, these phones could hold a charge for up to one month and there is nothing strange, because the mobile phone was just a phone intended for talking, and not the MP-3 player, camera, media center or mini-computer

Consumption of modern smartphones is so great, that battery may not be enough even for a single day of active use, probably why most of the new models were fitted with additional batteries and an external charger blocks, but this is not enough.

Charging for mobile phone

If you are a fan of a healthy lifestyle and you have a bike, then the offer of the American company Cycle Atom - what you need. With this device, very similar to bloginator Soviet times, can charge your favorite smartphone or just a mobile phone while Cycling. Agree, this is very handy if you go on a journey into nature, which lasts more than one day, without such a charger would have to carry a dozen spare batteries.

Cycle Atom

Siva Cycle Atom is a device consisting of a generator, voltage regulator (regulator of the charging current, as in any car) battery and a special wheel to receive the rotation of the main wheel of the bike. Also the kit includes electrical cord extension and special fasteners, for fixing the mobile phone on the handlebars of two-wheeled vehicle

While riding on a Bicycle spinning wheel transmits torque to the small wheel of the charger (it also will spin, but with much greater speed than the main wheel, the rim of which is attached a device) which spins the generator, producing an eclectic tension.

Siva Cycle Atom

Stabilizer limits the charge current of the built-in Siva Cycle Atom the battery to prevent excessive charging current, because the speed of the Cycling is intermittent, and the bigger it is, the faster spin the wheel, increasing the voltage produced by the generator.

Embedded in this device the battery accumulates the received energy and is able to maintain the optimal charging current of a mobile phone at a constant level even in those moments when generator capacity is not sufficient (short stop or driving at low speed), and stable charge current, as we well know, extends the battery life of any phone.

Charger for smartphone

However, the developers in the company Siva Cycle argue that Atom suitable for charging any modern mobile device, not just a smartphone, you only have to pay attention to the nameplate data of the device, to not overload bloginator and not burn it. It's one thing to charge a simple phone or music player with small speakers, and more - powerful tablet, flashlight or laptop.

The battery time of the mobile phone approximately 3-4 hours of laptop - also, but there is a small caveat is the charge time depends power charger: if the power is low, charge time may increase to 6-8 hours, in addition, unstable charge current and the operation of the generator in the chapel of their capabilities certainly will not extend the life of the donor, and the consumer.

Bicycle charging

Wellenreiter Atom should soon appear on sale, in the meantime, the company Siva Cycle studies the demand and offers to take pre-orders of this device, announcing a price of $ 95. Not arguing that for Americans it may have pennies, but I doubt very much that such a "cheap" charge will be affordable to most ordinary people.

The idea is that the device must be equipped with additional protection (wolfhound, for example), so it is not stolen at this price or you can wait the price reduction, highly doubt that the price of this new old invention should be above 20 or $ 30, so wait for the Chinese alternatives, which I'm sure will be introduced on the market faster than the American original.

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