Solar power outlet for your Windows

For those who live in hot areas of our planet, the Chinese engineers came up with how to get more benefits from Windows, located on the Sunny side of the house - it is now possible to turn the window in the socket Socket Window, giving absolutely free and clean energy.

Solar socket

Of course, life in the house in the sun all day has its drawbacks, especially noticeable on hot summer days when no blinds or air conditioning be in an apartment or house is simply impossible, but now the advantages, in addition to a pleasant warmth during cold winter days, you can add the possibility of generating clean and free energy thanks to solar rays.

Charging from the Sun

In connection with the global lack of basic energy sources that require cost or non-reproducible natural resources are simply dangerous, the search for alternative sources is one of the leading areas of modern engineering, so this mini power station on your window - a step into the future.

the Principle of operation of solar charging

Window Socket is a small portable power plant on one side of which are the solar panel and suction Cup, and on the other an ordinary socket, which can plug the charger plug from, for example, mobile phone, portable audio system, camera or laptop.

Window Socket

The creators of the device Window Socket assume that their child will appeal to people who travel a lot, because now a traveler is not complete without a camera, smartphone or tablet, these new electronic toys have already become an integral part of our everyday life and they all, somehow, need to be recharged with electric energy, which now can be acquired by attaching the socket Window Socket directly to the window of the bus, car or plane.

Outlet box

The thus obtained energy is not likely to be enough for normal work (or rather charge) a powerful laptop, but devices and gadgets less demanding to powerful charging sources, you can easily provide the needed charge without the presence of standard sockets, the main thing - that the sun was shining.

the Main thing is that the sun was shining

Very sorry that the technical characteristics of solar sockets to find it and failed, judging by the very small area solar - generated power will be... not very big and it is not clear what the output voltage is 220? Based on the shape of the Window Socket - it is likely

For most modern portable microelectronic devices would be enough five volt output, because any conversion entails considerable losses. What is the meaning of to lose power on a double conversion first in 220 and then back to 5 volts.

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