Eidos masks for iron man

Life in the modern world is not easy: every day we're attacked by a sea of audio and video the information that rains down on our heads the powerful information flow, and to allocate from this thread is important and needed harder and harder. Meet the super-Maxi Eidos, which are designed to help us understand our own senses, visual and sound images.

Mask Eidos

Agree, all we ever wanted dress up costume of any superhero from the famous films or comics and become more nimble, strong, tough, to be able to see and hear something that is inaccessible to the ordinary person, although, as practice shows, the same movies... have to pay for everything.

Mask iron man

The group of students from London's Royal College of art, watching movies about Iron Man, I decided to create prototypes of masks can enhance human senses: hearing and sight. Let us consider in details these two masks are combined under the name Eidos.

prototypes of the masks

The first mask from the collection of Eidos, which is worn on the lower part of the face, are equipped with exterior microphones and headphones. With this device its owner can hear exactly what he needs. It may be the voice of a particular person away from the owner of the mask, announcements at the station or at the airport and other individual sounds, which are sometimes very hard to hear the noise of cacophony.

Masks for amplification of the senses

Though it is not clear how it does this, precisely, as a mask knows what I want to hear? I suspect that we are talking about a highly directional microphone, mounted apparently in a "nose," and how is frequency filtering is generally a mystery.

enhanced vision

The second mask Eidos is worn on the eye (like glasses) and is designed to help us in obtaining visual information. It will allow you to target a specific image, zoom it or even view several times a particular movie, if you want it speeding up or slowing down, do not think, that the power of thought.

Device masks Eidos

Technically, eye mask Eidos is nothing but a camcorder with a good optical lens and the display, hence, its ability to zoom in/out, browsing, repeat... is a kind of eyewear from the helmet of a virtual reality. Thanks to the comics and the movies about Iron Man, Superman, Spiderman and other superheroes, we learned about the fantastic abilities that people may have. Eidos mask and show us that this really can happen – science is already working on it, and dreams are slowly becoming reality.

Comics pretending to be in life

However, some things cause fear: the real world, unlike the virtual, does not forgive mistakes, having, for example, the ability of super hearing, our brain will have to adapt with the new strange feelings, which can cause disorientation in space or just headaches. Remember all superheroes movies, only one of the advantages was their ability than I had to sacrifice to get them and is it easy to live with it.

The dangerous mask Eidos

Our brain is trained to interpret the obtained through the senses, information about the real world: according to the strength and character of the sound we can roughly calculate the distance to the source, we may not notice the unwanted sounds (a ticking clock) or to focus on the desired object, to trust all the electronics - so soon the child to the school across the road will not come without a Navigator.

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