Olympus - a new series mirrorless camera in retro style

Olympus once again pripodnesla a welcome surprise to those photographers and fans who have already managed to appreciate mirrorless cameras that are made with the good old retro style, because this form of camera is not only a classic but also the most optimal for the user.

Series of Olympus cameras

In new linane are several new cameras: Olympus Pen E-PL5, E-PM2 and XZ-2, has some technical characteristics, dimensions and functional characteristics, but they all work the same. Olympus, releasing several successful models, has become one of the leaders of the world market of mirrorless cameras. A new series of devices from this company, the designers decided to make the retro style is such a familiar and expensive for many photographers.

Olympus - camera-retro

Mirrorless camera every day gaining more and more popularity not only among professionals but also among fans. This is not surprising, because they are at relatively the same picture quality, have a much smaller size and price than similar SLR cameras.

Olympus - mirrorless with a big lens

Among the world's largest manufacturers of photographic equipment in the last couple of years was a tough battle for this fast-growing market, although the real professional will use a DSLR, as there is nothing better than seeing her and not digital eyes directly what needs to be removed.

Olympus - white for blondes

Model Olympus Pen features a 16-Megapixel sensor and Live MOS graphics processor TruePic VI, as well as 3-inch swivel touchscreen and 5-axial image stabilization system. the Olympus Pen E-P5 is the world's first mirrorless camera has a mechanical shutter with a response speed 1/8000 seconds, making it the fastest this kind of camera on the planet. And ultra-fast autofocus FAST AF will surely enjoy a lover of macro photography and dynamic photographs.

New series Olympus with a huge screen

In Olympus Pen E-P5 also has built - Wi-Fi module, which will not only pour shots with this camera directly to cloud storage, social networks, and to send them by mail, but will also give the opportunity to sync the device with your mobile phone. the Wi-Fi are very convenient in cases when there is a need to control the camera at a distance, watching the window of a neighbor or waiting for some animals, stubbornly not wanting to get out of mink in the presence of the photographer...

Olympus - a lot of buttons, which mean, it is not clear

Was very pleased with the ability to connect an external viewfinder, which, though not replace the built-in (in DSLRs), but still allow you to more clearly Orient to the view, rather than holding the camera away from the eye and observing even if not a very small 3-inch display.

Manual mirrorless camera, buy!!!

Interesting in a series of Olympus Pen is also its appearance in retro style, thanks to which the camera is very similar to the classic cameras of the mid-twentieth century. For greater persuasiveness some parts of his body, even covered with natural leather, though, tell you a secret, it's not "convincing", and that the skin does not slide in hands and fingers, allowing confident to hold the camera in any shooting condition.

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