Earl tablet for extreme environments

For fans of extreme kinds of rest and sports, the American company Sqigle Inc presented a small tablet called the Earl, which main advantage is its durability, reliability and extremely low, compared to other tablets, the consumption.

Earl - a tablet for work in extreme conditions

Not every tablet computer can boast of even ten hours on a single battery charge. But "tablet" Earl, so it is dubbed by the developers, can solve this problem. We can say that the world's first tablet designed specifically for long travel and survival in extreme conditions.

Earl - tablet for travelers

Of tablets there are a huge number of advantages compared to laptops: they are mobile, compact and lightweight. Are computers that there is no hesitation to take with you anywhere – even on a walk, at least in journey, the main thing - was not hit or in the rain not to fall.

Waterproof tablet Earl

Their only significant disadvantage is the relatively short time battery life, and that can be a problem when traveling to places where it is not so easy to find a working outlet, take a spare battery - also not always the best solution.

Shockproof tablet Earl

Hiking tablet Earl, weighing in at 303 grams, designed for use in the field and executed in a shockproof and waterproof plastic housing that meets IP67 standards. The device is equipped with infrared touch black and white E-ink display (1024×768), which reacts to any touches, and also a solar panel and carabiner for attachment to gear.

Earl - tablet for any conditions

Earl was created for those who of games required functionality, endurance and the ability to watch videos and pictures with good resolution. Low energy consumption ensured by the lack of "main enemy" fast discharge - color touch screen, which installed a six-inch display based on electronic ink technology E-Ink.

Multifunctional tablet Earl

However, in Earl there are many other modules that will somehow discharge the batteries to GPS, wifi, Bluetooth and some others that will allow the user of the tablet to navigate in space, to communicate and receive information, both in digital and analog formats, as can be seen in the article attached to the pictures.

Earl - enjoy

While the tablet PC is equipped with Earl shockproof housing, on the rear side of which is a folding solar panel for charging the device anywhere in the world where the sun shines. About five hours of charging from it is able to provide approximately twenty hours of work "tablets-tablet".

Earl - generic tablet

Thanks to the many software and hardware add-ons, mini-tablet can track the health status of its owner – his blood pressure, heart rate and some other physical parameters. This will be useful not only for travelers and thrill-seekers, but also for elderly people. For them, Earl is the perfect tablet, simplicity, functionality and reliability.

Earl - a tablet that can do everything

Earl works under control of operational system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the list of built-in functions: GPS/GLONASS navigation, radio (AM/FM/NOAA), two-way radio (FRS/GMRS/MURS), a set of independent sensors (accelerometer, magnetometer, thermometer, barometer, anemometer and compass), and a set of instructions for survival. In addition, the tablet supports connecting third-party devices technology ANT+ or Bluetooth 4.0

Earl - in short, buy it

To start production of the first series of tablets Earl, developers need $250,000 to mid-June, has collected more than $33000. The minimum cost of placing the order on the screen white or black color, $250, international shipping will cost an additional $20. In case of success, send the first pre-orders tentatively will begin in August of this year.

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