Coffee table with built-in computer

Do you think that you already have everything? As it is not so, especially for you, Mozayo has developed a new gadget which is a coffee table, a work surface (tabletop) which can miraculously change its design and quite functional, because it is a real computer.

Coffee table tablet Mozayo

Not so long ago, Sony tried to turn the laptop into a transformer, able to pretend to be even a coffee table (so no one guessed that you do not use as a toy a favorite play), but the company Mozayo decided to sabazianism this idea, but go for a more simple, in contrast to Sony way.

Mozayo interactive table

Mozayo has created a coffee table that also performs the function of a tablet computer. Well, created - is perhaps too strong a word, how to create a table? It's like that-invent the wheel... but instead of the usual countertop that we have seen time and again from a variety of materials, we slipped 32 inch LCD touch screen display and a little bit of brains from the tablet or smart TV, it's as you like.

Mozayo table with computer

Thus, the table top coffee table Mozayo is a 32 inch multi-touch screen with a resolution of 1377 by 768 pixels, and therefore no HD at this resolution and can be no question, but on it you can put Newspapers and magazines, and even put a small Cup of coffee.

Mozayo stand for coffee and Newspapers

I don't know, does the manufacturer have a little spill of coffee on the screen or wipe it with a wet napkin, but the company Mozayo says that the display of their new coffee table computer is protected against damage by special thermo - and impact-resistant coating. Believe?, - I'm not very good, but without the touch screen setting on top of the LCD display 10-15 mm glass - I believe.

Mozayo table with touch screen

Table Mozayo tablet works on the basis of processor Intel Quad Core i5 3740, has 6 GB of RAM and 500 GB constant. For the connection and communication with the outside world is an unusual and slightly great device has a Bluetooth, wifi, USB NIC Ethernet.

The company is positioning Mozayo is a 32-inch version of the table-the tablet as a secondary home computer, which will be in the virtual world, even during Breakfast, relaxing on the sofa and in the evening watching TV.

Mozayo is not a table and not a computer

Only with this table, you will be able to communicate in the social. networks right for Breakfast or lunch, it's so convenient: you can put a sandwich directly into someone's avatar or portrait, to cover part of the screen is a bowl of soup. the main thing is not to forget that the screen is touch-sensitive, therefore the Cutlery need to move carefully and remember that each of them can be somewhere to click.

Mozayo - eat

And during the evening relaxing on the sofa? There is even the tale: no longer need to strain to make at least a semi-sitting position, enough to slide to the side, bend the head or just crawl across the screen... the Manufacturer of all what were you thinking when this stuff was "developed", who needs it?

For those who similar device can be used in so-called professional purposes, there is 42-inch version of the PRO-Mozayo. From his younger model it is CPU (Intel i7 Quad Core 3770), a better graphics card (1GB AMD RADEON HD), 8 gigabytes of RAM and 1 terabyte constant.

Mozayo is an expensive toy for adults

It seems that the 42 inch version for those who likes very much to eat and all the necessary Cutlery well, does not fit on 32-m the display. Prices on home coffee table Mozayo, combined with the tablet starting from 5,500 U.S. dollars on a professional – 7700, so if you come up with any actual purpose of this gadget - take.

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