ChatPerf, a new skunk with a set of smells for iPhone

That's true the predictions of science fiction writers describing in his works, of technical devices to convey not only sounds and images but also smells. Yes, now you will need to know how to call already so won't just run away from the workplace to the bathroom, there to quietly talk on the phone - not the fragrance :)

ChatPerf is able to transmit odors

We are talking about the mobile phone, equipped with an external device called the ChatPerf, which is a logical continuation of the concept of Olly, appeared a few years ago. With the help of gadget Olly could transmit smells through the Internet, for example, by using emails, and carefully to smell the answers.

Device for the transfer of odors - ChatPerf

ChatPerf must be attached to the mobile phone, which currently can be only iPhone with its strong processor and excellent functionality, while setting on the machine specific software application supplied.

ChatPerf - new gadget for iPhone

Inside ChatPerf will be several small containers with different smells, which, combined with each other to create certain flavors of almost any configuration, so that the traffic police now need only dial your number and ask you to breathe into the phone.

ChatPerf - share the smell with others

The makers of ChatPerf are sure that people will like to convey emotions to each other, not only with emoticons but also with smells, creating original romantic TEXTS to sniff which one is better, you never know what the message is... remember the movie about Harry Potter and candy with taste of b...ins.

ChatPerf, a set of odors for iPhone

Well, let's see how a set of flavors can be close to variety of real smells, because that is not a single artificial flavoring can't compare to a real odor emitted by any living source, one thing is clear: talking on the phone in a short time will not only listen, but also nyukhatsya it means the number of telephone teasing and jokes will increase.

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