Watch Gravitistic with magnetic needles

It's rare that you meet people with common wristwatch, do not tell, but with the advent of mobile phones this kind of accessory has become endangered. What is the point to carry with the clock on the hand, if they are embedded in almost all new modern electronic devices?

Magnetic Gravitistic watch

However, there are still people who prefer to have such a familiar ticking hand mechanism, the watches were expensive and beautiful toy that complements the style of their media, whether it's a fragile girl or a famous politician. That's just for those who want to have a watch, but not in order to know the time, was recently released watches watches Gravitistic with the magnetic arrows.

Gravitistic - watch-magnetism

Recently appears more and more unusual and even bizarre watches, appearance and which functions as a little dock with our usual idea of hours. That's before the watch was afraid of the magnets, remember? It was impossible to hold the magnet next to the clock, so how could they be magnetized and start to go wrong.

Gravitistic watch with magnetic arrows

Watch Gravitistic was probably created by those who suffered in childhood from that his favorite watch is broken under the influence of a magnet, so he decided to take revenge and come up with such a watch which not only are not afraid of the magnetic field, and themselves contain a magnet.

Wrist watch Gravitistic

The fact that wrist watch Gravitistic in their work using magnetism. The minute hand of this accessory is also a magnet that attracts to its side the finest metal plates, arranged along the circle of the dial in the amount of one hundred twenty pieces.

Innovation watch Gravitistic

It is unfortunate that the developer forgot or did not want to do the second hand, because it would move much faster the minute and the effect of the attraction of the plates would be much more interesting and beautiful. Also forgotten numbers or any identification label that separates the hour circle to 12 the usual us parts or at least 4. The appearance, frankly kids, watching the clock Gravitistic as a beautiful children's toy, nothing more, I don't know how much they will cost, but hardly anyone will agree to pay more for it than for the beach a hat or magazine.

Gravitistic - new gadget

Who wears a watch will confirm that to check the time on them is much faster and more convenient than to get out of the bag or pocket a mobile phone, especially in Sunny weather when the screen still need to run, otherwise nothing can be seen, well, who doesn't use a clock - as you would on the drum. Despite the fact that the manufacturer is confident in the success of your new toy (otherwise it's a creation can not name), I'm a little doubt it, something tells me that the man would rather choose not decoration without numbers with zero opportunities, and some of this:

Men's watch

Well, beautiful ladies who wish to decorate your hand fashionable a watch, I propose to compare Gravitistic with something more elegant, there is also neither the numbers nor the usual dial, but the design and appearance, in my opinion, much more attractive.

Watches for women

We can say that the watch soon became just a decoration or an optional accessory than a necessity without which be aware of the exact time - is problematic. Few remember that this has happened before: with the advent of the wristwatch, they were more a decoration and a measure of wealth rather than used for their intended purpose. In the old days it was fashionable to wear two or three watches as bracelets or rings, well, well... fashion is back.

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