Rescue Hoop SealBands for children

From year to year around the world recorded a huge number of accidents, which for one reason or another drowning children. The number of accidents increases especially in the summer when the kids are so drawn to bathe and to swim with friends in the pleasant river or sea water under the bright sun rays.

a Rescue Hoop SealBands

Of course, parents provide their children the rescue community and are trying to closely monitor children during their swimming, but, unfortunately, this is not enough, especially on crowded beaches, where it is so easy and to get lost in the crowd or among frolicking in the waves of people.

SealBands - electronic lifeguard

Well, let's say thank you to Dr. Graham Snyder, who decided squarely addressed this issue and has created an unusual, but very useful device – Hoop SealBands, which will help to protect the child from harm on the water.

It all started with the fact that Dr. Snyder conducted a case study on the basis of which came to the following conclusion: the majority of accidents with children bathing in ponds, ended tragically because of delayed emergency assistance. This is understandable, because in the crowd of bathers is quite difficult to notice the drowning child, who urgently need help.

SealBands to control for bathing children

Special Hoop SealBands was an attempt to correct this situation. The device, developed by Snider, is mounted on the neck of the child. Thanks to the integrated alarm, it can alert others that its owner is sinking or under water suspiciously long time.

The principle of operation Hoop SealBands that connects to the rescue buoy is simple: if a child drops below a few tens of centimetres under water and remains there for more than 10-15 seconds, the alarm is triggered to alert his parents about a possible problem and the urgent need to check if everything is OK with their child.

SealBands - gadget help for parents

If the next bathing several children with SealBands, all devices can be synchronized together.Then rescue bracelet will also alert if one of the children too away from the rest of the group, which is very important in children's health institutions, or when the family has several small children.

SealBands - wrap alarm

Unfortunately, the rescue wrap-alarm SealBands is not yet able to report the exact location and depth of immersion of the child into the water (there is no built-in GPS), but its ability to inform the rescuers about the hazardous situation will help, according to developers, to provide timely help in distress.

SealBands - wearing and sailed

Let's hope that the Hoop SealBands will be a great and necessary gadget among other tools and products that ensure the safety of children during the active rest on the water, and parents can relax a little bit and also rest together with your children.

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