Print food with a 3D printer

More recently, the idea of the invention of artificial food could be heard only in sci-Fi movies and works, this is where we could see some strange machines on a tray suddenly appeared edible dishes that are made do not understand from what.

Printed hamburger

Cheeseburgers and hamburgers are represented in these pictures are fake, they did not do on the network Mac Donald, if you look closely at their structure, you will notice that they seem stuck and do not have clear boundaries and fillings, and all because they are... printed on a 3D printer.

Food printer

Well, it's time to get acquainted with this new wonder invention from the Texas company Systems and Materials Research Corporation, which, with the support of NASA, promised to print a pizza on his new 3D printer by the end of this year.

Edible 3D-printer

The device was developed by company Systems and Materials Research Corporation, is able to provide tasty and balanced meal, created on the basis of several powders and pastes. First, the printer mixes all the ingredients in certain proportions, after which the resulting substance layers drops on a heated plate at the bottom of the device.

Preparing, printing on the printer

Technically, the paste is composed of basic ingredients: proteins, carbohydrates and fats, the combination of which achieved the desired consistency, color and taste. It is still not possible to print organic foods, such as orange or Apple, too complicated for their "internal structure" consisting of living cells, but, according to the developers, only a matter of time.

oven 3D

But meat-lovers can now sleep, or rather is quiet, the meat is already printed, and you do not have to kill a single animal, which we are very excited defenders of wildlife. Taste the quality edible printing personally, I have been a lot of doubt, but company representatives claim that taste is the one that should be.

Paint cakes

To forge the tastes of foods trying a long time with different flavors, but as we all know, the difference between natural juice and flavor identical to natural, is huge, not to notice it maybe I'm that man who never in his life did not try the taste of this product.

Downloaded from the Internet - print it out and eat it!

Lead developer of device Anjaan Contractor believes that soon these printers will appear in every kitchen, and in stores, instead of the usual food will be sold special toner cartridges. The contents of the cartridges are made in such a way that their shelf life will be to achieve thirty years.

Buy yourself a tasty printer

Besides the components of the cartridge easier to produce and cheaper than to get the products in a natural way. According to the developers, this method of food production will help to solve the problem of hunger in the world. NASA, in turn, saw in 3D printing food the future of space exploration. Cheapness of manufacture, great terms and easy storage of the cartridges make them the best option of food for long duration space flight.

Dinner on the table, just printed out

The first 3D printer was printed chocolate. After receiving a grant from NASA to 125 thousand dollars, Anjaan the Contractor has begun work on printing pizza. Later, on assurance of developers, such devices can be printed fried fish, carrots, mushrooms, Apple, boiled chicken, boiled pasta, fresh cheese, tomatoes, boiled egg yolk, butter, marshmallows, sauces, and ground coffee.

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