Universal portable audio

Finally a modern portable speaker Bluetooth Zooka, which is able to reproduce qualitative and loud sound, regardless of what the media and what characteristics it possesses. This development by Carbon Audio will be very useful to all owners of iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android smartphones and also for tablets and laptops Mac.

Portable audio

Modern handheld PDAs have become so small and thin that to put normal speaker become simply impossible. As a result, the quality of the sound emitted such as tablets and smartphones, how shall I say more cultured... not very good (like ass). If we are talking about regular voice accompanied the sound quality is very bearable, but if we want to enjoy sound favorite music track or sound effects toys - nothing.

Universal acoustics

According to the manufacturer, Zooka increases the sound output from the speakers of the gadget up to five times, although this is not very correct, from a technical point of view. Phonics Zooka can not increase the sound on any device, it all depends on the power of the internal amplifier and the ability of the speaker to provide quality sound, without mumbling and wheezing.

Phonics for PDA

Phonics Zooka is a cylinder of medical grade silicone (apparently the fact that after plastic surgery to increase the Tits stay that way, or what the hell to use it medical) with two speakers on each side. This location guarantees excellent stereo effect channels, and the cylinder (pipe) is a place for a normal duct. The result is a beautiful sound with normal bass as possible

Pocket phonics

The device is easily and securely mounted on the extreme edge of the smartphone, tablet or PC, streaming audio from the gadget through Bluetooth connectivity and serves them stand at the same time. In the centre of the Zooka Bluetooth developers have provided a special cutout to the lens always webcam has always remained open.

Beautiful acoustics

Thanks to the microphone located at the rear of the device, you can use the Zooka as a speaker phone via Bluetooth, as well as for chatting on FaceTime or Skype. The set comes and a removable metal stand that helps to place the smartphone or tablet at an optimum angle for correct display of images on displays of the gadget.

Good acoustics

In addition to Bluetooth adapter for wireless Zooka features and additional connector mini-Jack, AUX 3.5 mm, with which the device can be connected to almost any modern audio device that adds versatility to this miracle.

Autonomous operation Zooka provides a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, one charger which allows you to operate the device up to 8 hours, if only not to exploit the acoustics in the most strident mode. Charging the device is done via the mini-USB port, also located on the rear panel.

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