Door viewer or spy camera

Peephole iDoorCam is not as simple as it seems. It looks like any ordinary wireless electronic eyes that it might be unusual?, but let's take a look at its features and see how they can be used in our lives to get even more comfort.

Door viewer

The highlight of this invention is that a peephole iDoorCam works in contact with the mobile phone of the landlord, warehouse or office. Catch the idea? Properly, you will not need to rise from your sofa, to see who came. Just look into the camera: if with empty hands - let him go where he came from, and if the gift... then come in, dear friend!!!

Door spy-camera

Unlike conventional optical door eyes, iDoorCam is an online camera which is installed near the door on the outside of the building, apartment or office. His Autonomous work from batteries or rechargeable battery provides total independence from a wired connection and the mandatory availability of power sockets near.

call camera

But that's not all, the fact that the electronic peephole iDoorCam is equipped with wireless module Wi-Fi, which allows the device to connect with other gadgets and devices, such as a computer or mobile phone of the person inside the room. I think it is highly relevant for modern man.

Spy camera

If you're the owner of a huge house with several floors, warehouse or your movement is complicated - now you don't have to stomp down the corridor, to understand, it was necessary to open or remove the evidence :). iDoorCam is the perfect device for lazy people. It allows not only to see who came to visit you from the comfort of your sofa or from your Desk, but also to communicate with this person through a speaker and microphone in your phone or computer.

Camera cellphone

Moreover, the software iDoorCam allows you to have access to the digital door peephole is not one user, but several. But each of them needs to know the password with which you can join the device. So outsiders have no chance to interfere in your internal Affairs.
Door peephole iDoorCam is not afraid neither a rain, nor cold, nor dark (the device can be used as a night vision device).

a Picture on the Internet, from cameras to cell phone

And most interesting, look at this chart, I guess, about what speech? Right, if you use the router and the Internet, the distance from the camera and microphone to your smartphone does not matter. You will always know who came or what's going on in the place where you installed the door spy peephole.

The preliminary cost of such a door peephole, working part-time spy camera is about 165 us dollars. The developer promises to start serial production of iDoorCam to October this year, it is strange that until now has not appeared Chinese fakes, something relaxed they are, is not good.

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