Bracelet for charging smartphones

How it is disappointing when the battery doesn't pull any some moments, interrupting conversations. Another equally unpleasant option – the tablet gets turned off in the middle of the process hangs on the Internet. And all because you forgot to charge the technique, that is, "to stop." Lead a variety of situations for a long time, but now there is a solution that will be able to give a little "life" of the dying battery.

Charger bracelet

Many companies around the world release offline charging, which allows to significantly extend the life of smartphones and other mobile devices. But only the creators QBracelet decided to turn this device into a fashionable accessory that is not ashamed to put on.

Speak and are recharged

The canadian company Q Design introduced an external battery for charging mobile devices, made in the form factor of the bracelet on the arm. Stylish device called the QBracelet is available in five versions versions – Polished Silver, Matte Silver, Polished Gold, Brushed Black, Matte Black and in three sizes. Accessory weighs just 50 g.


Bracelet QBracelet battery contains a lithium-ion battery capacity of 1160 mAh. This is enough to 60% to charge a completely discharged iPhone 5s. Time to full charge internal battery is 90 minutes.

Charging from sunlight

The accessory is available in two versions: with Lightning connector to charge iPhone and iPod touch and micro-USB, which is suitable for most devices on Android and Windows Phone. Charging power source is made through a standard USB connector.

Beautiful and stylish bracelet

The cost of the accessory – $ 80, the first deliveries will begin in December. Provides for modification with a connector micro-USB, which is strange: the owners Android will never wear this on themselves. Better backpack more to take transactions through the Jersey to stretch.

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