How to transfer website with uCoz by Drupal

Want to move a site on yukoz Drupal? You said that relocation is not possible or would need a lot of to pay? Well, now you are on the website, who for several years was under the control of the engine, uCoz, and now to Drupal Ab Want to know how I did it? Then read Gn

The reason why more and more webmasters are starting to think about migrating their sites with yukoz on other engines simple: yukoz was expensive for a small non-profit projects, base tariff plan - $ 6 per month free - no option because of too aggressive advertising policy. Functionality yukoz - not bad, but many of the modules have bugs that are not corrected over the years, the real update is almost there, but a new, useless admin panel, admin bar, and other visual bells and whistles in abundance. Want SEO or PHP?, - then rascalities another two dollars, so we get $ 8/month, however SEO module is still buggy Ap , and PHP scripts you will have to buy for extra money Bk

Moving site on the Yukoz Drupal

This article is expository, it is impossible to accommodate all, think I'll write some more, in the meantime I will try to give answers to the most common questions faced myself when thinking to migrate your website from Drupal to yukoz. I must say that no scripts of hyphenation I have not used, all materials (and there are about 2000) migrated with his hands, but how many bugs and error managed to fix it!!!

I must admit, the start was difficult, a couple of times took up the case and threw... But each time the game captured me more and more all the restrictions that were on yukoze - they were gone and I was limited only by their knowledge at the moment. One thing is for sure: the yukoz I will not return, too many here have that I realize there is not possible.

the is it Possible to save the addresses (URLs) of the pages when moving, so as not to fall out of the SERPs? Yes, addresses of the pages, modules, categories, and materials can be saved the same as they have been on yukoze. And in General, start slowly to get used to that possible Drupal is limited only by your imagination other restrictions - no. Ab

the would it be Possible to create modules: forum, blog, directory, articles, directory, files, photo album and others? Yes, you can, and in unlimited quantities, except that no avtonapovnennya Drupal modules such as Tests or games, but why should they? At first I did yukoze activated a whole bunch of completely unnecessary I modules, just so was, that the site was not empty... and so did thousands of webmasters in the result have the same content on thousands of sites, which is useless and adds no credibility to a site in the eyes of search engines.

I'm writing the word "module", although it is on Drupal has a slightly different meaning. A module is the functional under any of our needs, modules ready - tens of thousands. Yourself Drupal in the basic version, has a bit of built-ins, but finding the right is not a problem. You can download the smileys module, module rating, module text editor, SEO module (normal!!!), but about modules, in a separate article.

the is it Possible to create two modules directory articles? Yes, even ten, but why?, you have no limits to the number of sections, categories, and levels of nesting.

the How many and what fields you can add to the material? as much as you need, even text fields can be several. There are also fields for references and pictures, with a huge capacity for processing and formatting fields to insert tags, categories, filters, lists, hypertext markup language code and what you want.

Separately on the module Forum. If your site is a forum, either stay on yukoz, or go to forum engines (phpBB for example). Opportunities forum on Drupal is very limited, however is possible to use and as it looks - you can see on our website.

the is There a text and visual editor, BB codes, smilies? Yes, there is, you can download one that's more like it, if you believe the developers, the visual editor is already built into the core of a new, eighth Drupal.

the How you can create the user groups? how many do you need?, - this much is possible, rights are configured individually, even the appearance of a particular menu item or field information - should also be set for each user group.

the is it Possible to create sections, subsections, categories, subcategories? Yes, in unlimited quantities, only in the menu allowed nine (!!!) levels of investment, but in practice can be even more. Also with filters - their number is not limited.

the Where to get free template or theme for your website? you Can at the office. the website Drupal and it is possible and on several Russian sites, enough to hammer into a search engine query, to download a template or website theme to Drupal. I want to say that free templates on the theme) is very good, functional and adaptive, so that a separate mobile PDA version of this website you do not need. Looking ahead, I can say that you can put one theme for regular browsers and one for mobile. Design the can be changed to your taste, if you know the basics of HTML and CSS knowledge, you can customize the design of the page templates so that it will almost not differ from that which was on yukoz.

the do I Need to have knowledge of PHP in order to do website on Drupal? you Can say no, well, except that the minimum, the rest will do powerful and beloved "module Views", it will implement most of the conditions that we did the conditional statement on yukoze.

the is it Possible to register on the site through social network? Yes, and it works flawlessly, put the first time and forgot (sounds quite strange to those accustomed to the yukoz, isn't it?, it's like: set... up and running? Ag )

the Where to get a host to practice? you Can use your computer or even here:, no built-in advertising, there are restrictions on the load on the server, but for training is enough, and then you can already go for a paid rates. The average price of host - $ 2 (if 1000МБайт disk space). Something is not liked? Your website is just your website, took it with one hosting and moved to another, no limited backup no, the site "is" completely. Now I'm paying 2.15 dollar a month for 5000 meters of the disc and can keep there for five sites (at the moment - 4 of the site there, and occupied only 35% of the space), here:

Best php hosting!

the What is a database and the structure of yukoz different from Drupal? Yes, in principle, nothing, both have engine buzz data in Drupal it has a standard look, with the possibility of conversion, and on the yukoz. backup downloaded? The database stores the values of all fields of all materials, other categories, i.e. everything except the files. Files, design templates, themes, table styles are stored in folders, access to which we have from the file Manager.

the is There any support and updates, as security?
Support from hosting - ie, pay rates will help you not only to deal with internal problems, but the engine will tell you. Really for me it was a bit strange then that the answer came not in a day, as in "paid technical support yukoz", and in 20 minutes... half hour... frankly, I thought that only happens in fairy tales Ai Support for the most engine you can get on the Russian site Drupal or at the office. website, if you speak technical English. Update engine special difficulties not cause, the most part done in a few clicks directly from the admin panel, I think that in Drupal 8 and the core will be updated in a semiautomatic mode. All modules are thoroughly tested, so that the safety from Drupal on top.

the Robot text, Sitemap and how search engines treat sites on Drupal? Everything is there: and full site search, and robot text and site map... well it's not baby the engine, but serious. Kupalovski search engines just love sites, pages get into the index quickly, so how about this, don't worry.

Well, I hope I answered at least some of your questions, continued please read the following articles, I wish you success! Ab

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