It does not work the TV remote , what to do

Is the TV or tuner from the remote?, or maybe the remote is not working?
How to check what is faulty and whether you can repair the console yourself?
Let's understand all the intricacies of these issues and learn to make the right steps in the fault detection Ad

I have to admit that we are so lazy that can not imagine life without our dear and beloved remote controller of the Board (RC), and the producers were willing to meet us by reducing the number of buttons of the local panel of the machine or device, so that already the output is not particularly Bk

The easiest way to verify that the remote is to turn on the camera on your mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, point the remote at the camera and press one of the buttons on the remote control. Camera, unlike our eyes, perfectly perceives the infrared rays emitted by the led and we will see how it starts to burn or blink.

Check the remote control for cellphones

I want to remind you that not all remotes work on infrared rays, there is radio but there is no led as such and the window on the front of the remote. To them, of course, this validation method is not suitable.

Checked? Burning? If is lit, and the TV remote is not responding, it may be several reasons.
1. Works, because the illumination of the diode does not mean that it produces the desired command. In this case you need to check the console on the same TV (same model), or find a neighbor with the same TV or remote control.
2. The TV doesn't work due to failure of receiver unit or the control chip (CPU). Verified as well known to your good remote, well, or finding a neighbor with the same TV to test your remote.

If the led does not light on the camera is uniquely faulty cockpit itself and something you can check and fix yourself.
Open the battery compartment and inspect it. Here are the leaked batteries, not your case?

Flowed batteries

Remove the batteries from the compartment if they such as the picture - a simple replacement is not enough, if they look normal, then replace new, or check out their option in any other device (another console, clock, children toy...). When installing, observe the polarity!!! Approximately 30% of complaints about non - working remote control- improperly installed batteries, and, according to masters: "to the console no one touched it, it was" Ap

Oxide batteries

Be sure to look at the pads and springs if they are rusty, wet or sticky from proteksi batteries - be sure to wipe with alcohol or nail Polish remover and cleaned to a Shine, otherwise the contact will not be.

Ravdin in batareika compartment

Bought a new remote, but it does not work? Put new batteries in - have stopped working? And it happens, look carefully at the picture (the name is not important, took the first available). Recently the long positive end (the contact became less and less, the contact area usually is within the depth of the groove remote and lacking to the batteries. In such a situation, if you feel that the battery is "rested" at the end of the groove, try to pry (awl) is a little pad that she had a little more on the outside.

the Mystery of the positive terminals of the batteries

If dropped the operating range of the remote control, you need to aim tight the buttons are pressed or refuse to work at all, and the replacement of batteries on the new did not help - the remote needs to be cleaned or replaced with new. The easiest way is to buy a new one, and how to properly disassemble and clean the remote, do I need to glue a new cover - we will tell you in the next article. Until next time! Gc

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