How to determine the typical breakdowns and hold the TV repair

If the TV is broken – it is almost always possible to repair. Frequent causes of breakdowns are "on the surface", and the repair of the TV with the right approach is not particularly difficult. I recommend not poking yourself, but the typical faults and methods of repair describe – just so you know what awaits you in the repair and did not let the wizard fool you. So, I present a list of the most common problems.

TV not included

TV does not turn on and off
If "box" is not included, and even the indicator does not light, the source of the problem mainly is the power supply. He often burns out due to power surges. The same reason causes a spontaneous shutdown equipment. If the model has a protection against unstable voltage, in critical moments it will work and turn off equipment. Sure that differences were not? Then the reason must be sought not only the PSU but also the motherboard – it could be micro-cracks.

TV does not accept remote
Common problem, which has two sources. The first and most common is a faulty remote. Unfortunate enough to drop it or spill liquid on the keys, and it will cease to function. The reason may be more banal – just got the batteries (you would not believe how many times this factor people take for "breakage"). It is really that remote at anything, and the cause of the problem is a defective remote sensor. If everything is in order, is guilty, most likely, the CPU.

TV does not accept remote

Lost memory
You are trying to save a list of configured channels, but nothing comes out. Probable cause may be a malfunction of the memory device. Similar problem: you've saved some settings (e.g. sound), but after re-enabling techs save disappear. In any case, diagnosis should TV be directed at the study of the memory chips. If violations were confirmed – it should be easy to replace.

"Zero reaction" buttons
TV does not respond to pressing the buttons on the control panel? Rather, the point is to break contact between the button and control its work microcontroller. So the first thing to check contacts, and if everything is in order – to seek the cause in the failure of a processor of the microcontroller.

Poor sound
In most cases, the source of the problem with sound is the fault of the speakers. So the first thing you need to make sure that they are correctly connected and all contacts are in good condition. If diagnostics showed the excellent condition of speakers and connections but the problem persists – the reason should be sought in the functioning of the radio.

Diagnosis and repair

Image is not available or the quality of the "lame"
Often happens: the TV is on, sound is heard, but "picture" is missing. The reasons for this failure are many: the repairman of TVs in the diagnostic process will determine the true factor that caused the problem. By the way, almost the entire list of real problems to solve:

  1. there is no Image but the sound is – the reason for the failure of the matrix or amplifier.
  2. there is no Image and the sound periodically disappears – it most likely indicates a problem with the scan.
  3. Sound is present, the screen glows but nothing else happens – probably a failed video processor. There is a more banal reason – interference in the tuner.
  4. the Image is maximized is not full screen – "symptom" of breakdowns of staffing patterns matrix. A breakdown of the staffing module of the surplus can be associated with voltage instability or poor operation of the power supply.
  5. the Appearance of a narrow strip vertical on the screen may indicate damage to the transformer emergency scan. Horizontal stripes indicate problems directly with the personnel scan.
  6. is Missing the color or the image turned into monochrome – indicators of damage of the amplifier or video processor.

the Problem of LCD and LED

Problems matrix
It is in view of not cine, but the real matrix, set in modern models of televisions. The fault of this element is becoming a serious problem, because fixing it can not be, and will need to be replaced. In fact, the matrix is a display element on which is built the image. Break the matrix may for the following reasons:
● TV is dropped or the screen was hit with a blunt object;
● contacts of the matrix liquid has been spilled;
● set the defective element;
● item is worn out after long use,
About the damage of the matrix show colorful stripes on the screen, the appearance of black circles, hanging pictures, or his disappearance. Diagnose of the matrix and replacement of the element needs an experienced master, as the process involves a lot of nuances (especially the connections and settings).

Problematic scan
A problem with the vertical deflection of the TV indicate several factors. In particular, it decreases or vertical offset of image misalignment, the appearance of the lines, the complete absence of vertical sweep. In the latter case, the screen displays only one horizontal luminous strip.

The cause of all cases of a fault can be a malfunction of the generator unit personnel sweep. The frequency sweep in the generator regulates the collection of email elements. So to fix the problem, you have to attract a man, perfectly versed in design patterns.

To be a handyman all right, but in such cases it is better to attract the pros – will be faster, cheaper, and the repair will be pleased.

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