How to disassemble and clean the remote control yourself

Exclusively for our readers spread top-secret information on self-repair of remote controls. Only no need to laugh, Yes, I know that such articles are full already on the Internet, but why, then, properly clean the remote unit? Maybe because those who have them (not all, most) wrote or copied themselves a little do not know? Al

This article will help you find answers to the following questions:

    What to do if your favorite remote have stopped working or became very tight pressed

  • do I have to buy new or it can be restored
  • How to disassemble remote control
  • do I Need to stick the new coating on gum remote control
  • how to clean a remote control, so as not to screw up

First of all, you need to make sure that the problem is really in control. How to do it?, there is nothing easier, everything is written here: how to determine the faulty remote control or TV.

Next step, I would still recommend... to take the remote to the master, the cost of repair of remote - low, and the specialist in any case will do better because he already has a lot of experience Ad However, if you want to try to clean the remote control carefully read and remember.

Pull the remote out of the bag or case (if in it) and never wear it, the console needs to breathe. Open the battery compartment and confiscate them. Look closely if there are additional fastening of the housing parts of the console in the us, if there is a screwdriver.

Dismantling remote

Virtually all of the consoles, with rare exceptions, are fixing the upper and lower parts of the housing latches. To avoid dents, cracks and broken latches, we need one or two thin overstocki and direct sting. Fingers press one and the second part of the case to try to determine which in which included. Neatly on the side to hook the tip of the screwdriver and lead her along the body, Tselkova fastening. Sometimes you need two screwdrivers, because the case is very tight latches, then insert one screwdriver, and a little farther the second place, there razdelnoe - again, swap the first on.

What's inside the console

Opened? And I know you will say, "God, why is there so much dirt and that it is wet???" Ai Well with dirt - here, I think, of course, for years she gradually penetrated into the body of the panel and consists mainly of dust and hair Pets, but that's not all. Elastic with buttons see? No, she's not glued to the Board, although peel may not happen, so start with the corner, neatly...

Fee and gum plasticizer

The horror, right? Crazy about what it is, different rumors and controversy: some say that it is the fat from our fingers, pay attention, most of it on those buttons, which are most often used, while others say that it is the plasticizer, which flowed out from the rubber due to the partial destruction of its structure as a result of multiple clicks. Be that as it may, the fact remains: because of this sticky, and then our remote refuses to work normally or was very, very tight.

Learn how to clean properly

Now, when all the parts of the remote control in front of us, you can begin the cleaning process. How to wash plastic parts of the housing and contact gum? Go to the bathroom, take an old toothbrush and soap (ideally). We soap up beyond the brush clean, then rinse with water. What is so simple? Yes, that's right, just what did you expect? Ap When cleaning gum, be careful not to overdo it and tear the buttons, don't forget to get a good lather with the brush between the buttons and from the contact of the graphite sites. Right the washed gum should be absolutely not greasy and not sticky to the touch. Dry you hair dryer or wipe dry with a towel. A Hairdryer is preferred, as it certainly will dry the water in all remote places.

It is believed that the Board can be cleaned the same way with soap and brush under running water, in principle you can, but dried will need very long, as moisture can penetrate into the chip and cause its immediate failure. There is a way much safer: no, not the alcohol, it washes and no solvents, is important to us to wash, without undermining the graphite tracks on the circuit Board and paint! The perfect remedy is acetone, it dries out quickly, washes well and leaves no residue. Wet cotton wool, wiped, waited (for once - not be washed) until the Board was dry, I repeated the operation again.

Remote after cleaning

Due to the fact that acetone is now banned (and that gasoline is not banned yet, addicts also sniffing?), use liquid nail Polish remover (nail), only take the one in which no additional "fats and oils", it will clean better. That's it, all of the remote washed and dried, left to collect everything as it was and enjoy the result. If you did everything correctly the console will be like new and all buttons - perfectly pressed Bs

the a Few words about the principle of operation of the buttons on the remote control:
On-Board remote control located pads, they consist of two parts, while the button on the remote is not pressed - the circuit is interrupted and current flow through the pad is not. Elastic panel are buttons with a graphite-coated bottom. Graphite, as we know, conducts electricity when we push the button, then positioned on it, the coating forms a contact with both parts of the corresponding contact pads on the circuit Board and this circuit begins to pass current. The signal from each button, comes to the control chip, and she's already "seeing", which team pressed, gives the appropriate code for the performance of the IR transmitter (led). The dirt and sticky liquids are insulators, which is why the buttons stop working.

The principle of the remote control buttons

If the cleaning process of the console was not a success, and this may be due to the fact that the graphite coating on the rubber band - faded (actual for Chinese RCU), there are two ways: buy a new remote (preferably) or buy a set of the graphite coatings with a tube of glue. To purchase this set on the radio, in stores, radios, or to order via online shops, the price from 1 to 2 dollars (depending on the manufacturer and the number of covers in the set)

Repair kit Remote

Gum already washed, you will only need to paste a new cover from a bag over the old one. But there is one important caveat: due to the fact that the button has now become longer (the thickness of the new coating), reduces the swing (before contact with the charge), to the extent that button, like, generally are not pressed or be pressed yourself. Probably need a sharp knife to cut off part of the button, only it must be done so that the cut was smooth, because the glue, even helium, not very good on the rubber material of the panel.

How to paste a new coating on the panel

The process is simple: drip the glue, a needle pinned club with a new cover and put on the glue, pressed, ensure that the glue did not get on contact graphite surface, wait until dry. Please note that in many panels there are "limiters" pressing on the sides of the button cover, they serve to ensure that you are not too much pressed on the remote and not "flattened" buttons (this is not uncommon). Keep this in mind when applying new coatings, as well as if you cut off the old ones, that has not turned so that the coating is lower than the limiters, because in that case the button will not physically contact with the Board abut the stoppers)

Alternative repair kit remote

Before You marching version of the recovery console, when needed, and nothing. Take the foil from a cigarette pack, cut into rectangles, diamonds, circles or what we need and sticking in exactly the same way as described above. Why foil from cigarettes? On the reverse side paper, paper with rubber glued much better than the foil with rubber, however, the reliability of this method, not so much.

As practice has shown (more than one thousand consoles it's already passed through my hands), if not helps regular cleaning... better to buy a new one. So with that said: think for yourself, decide for yourself. For SIM otklanivayus, and it is already evening, it's time to rejuvenate after work with a bottle of cool beer in az*

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