Review Android TV BOX -top boxes for TVs

At the request of the regular readers of our website will do a little review of the console on the software Android for turning your TV in SMART. We will tell you how to connect Android dongle into your TV, how to set your favorite services, torrent and playlists, how to find and set your favorite digital channels.

Will pick up the prefix of the most common and cheap at the moment the sale is set-top boxes S805 and CS918 . I want to warn you that the system for android is very greedy in terms of consumption of RAM, so you need to start making choices with a minimum of 1Gb .
Like all Chinese stuff, the name does not play a role, this does not pay for the name, and focus on the room. Here the number and will match the filling apparatus, and the alphabetic index after the number, will identify additional functional filling.

Android TV BOX set - top box for TV

stuffing these devices is very similar:
1. Have Quad-core processors from different manufacturers.
2. Operating system Android 4.x.x.
3. The internal memory from 8Gb to take less is not desirable because the operating system takes 4GB .
4. RAM from 1Gb beregites forgery (less established). How to check - go to apps - running - down will see the total amount of RAM at 1GB - order 8xx MB.
5. Ethernet connector RJ 45 for wired Internet and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. Wireless network it is desirable to have, if you don't pull the wires but let the alphabetic index depends on the frequency and speed of Wi-Fi-I.
6. Additional connector for microSD memory card up to 32GB.
7. USB ports for connecting various add-ons and stick, water here, the prefix CS918 a little hurt, just one nest, unlike S805, in which as many as four.
8. Most important - presence of output for picture and sound. In both there is HDMI and analog outputs. I want to warn you, if you take an old console under the TV, the picture will be wonderful, but to work in chat rooms, browsers, etc. - is problematic, as the font will go (fuzzy, not read).
The Android console S805 digital output S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface) port, making it easy to connect the audio system for surround sound.

Android TV BOX

As to Skype, the social networks I was not in the plans, and to listen to good sound desirable, when viewing programs and movies, the choice fell on the model S805. The approximate cost from China at a cost of 25.e. (8 GB internal memory, 1 GB RAM), with the firmware out of the box, so they call the start. I think to experiment enough with the settings.

With android now in the modern world not surprising at all. Settings are no different from the phones on the system, only small additions are already built to be viewed on the TV and connect various devices. For example here's how looks fit the image size under the TV. Changing the values of the green horseshoe, You change the geometry of the displayed image on your screen.

setting up the Android consoles

Once connected the console to the TV, tried the remote.
Once everything is configured, it is possible to use it, but all it comes out slow and sad. Switching fields is, the back, the inclusion of the mouse, adjusting the volume, putting the console into sleep... indulged - put aside and hooked up a wireless mouse, the case went immediately. Left key works as OK, right Return, the wheel, depending on which mode you are viewing the page or adjust the volume.
Better still take Air Mouse, because not always when watching TV there is a flat surface. And with keyboard or without, depending on the needs.

Went through what apps have supplied our Chinese brothers - nothing good. Tried YouTube just hangs and does not work, check the Google Play and Google account is not, install third party apps. As it does not feel like the owner of the prefix. You can put in a new system, described in 4PDA , but did not do such actions.

All the same, it is the brainchild of Google, and some apps only work with Google, then started a new check for the console. Can and basic to use, but you do not want to mix, let the fun and work in different corners of sitting.
Next, cleaned memory, removed not needed applications that are installed by the Chinese. Do not overdo it, only those that You have seen and felt that will never use it. If not understood, do not touch or disconnect, to eat do not ask - and that's good.
Download Google Play and install, pre-clean the old and disabled. After installation, go check the console on Google, and start to configure to the desired application.

Since the battery in the console no, each time you turn on the outlet, too lazy to set the time and date from 1970. I wonder who had this thought of datiscaceae, since my tube TV? The solution - installing the application ClockSync, in the settings you will understand everything in understandable language. Though writing that requires root, I have all worked without it.
Home page is not informative, I wanted to put a normal clock and hourly weather. Helped Widget Weather Clock - Android, and you can view the weather for ten days.
Eventually see this start page:

Connectivity between services and the Android console

All the same, we took the console is not for beauty, but for watching TV channels and movies, so you need to put a normal, omnivorous player. I like MX Player, but this is purely personal opinion. Many programs and films are processed in an audio codec AC3 and in order to have sound, you need to bring MX Player codec (ARMv7 NEON), write that after the installation, you need to reboot the system, but it individually.

To use your own playlists or from the Internet provider, as well as URL link list, you need to get the application IPTV. Seen on screen that you can add file or URL link for viewing TV channels.

Playlists for Android

There is still a very good technology - Torrent-TV. Go to the website, I liked it this. I gave you the link how to set this technology on Android. Here it is useful to check on Google, because now it works, after installing Google Play Ace Stream Media (Beta)

Torrent-TV for Android

Other applications for TV viewing and fayloobmennika find themselves. Just set back and enjoy the show Don't forget, almost all free applications come with advertising. If you do not have desire to pay for them to remove the ads, it is considered good manners, to go for is, that the manufacturer knowingly worked on the app, so You can relax.

configuring channels for Android

I say finally, still on Android, easy to set up, but loves to eat. With all of my settings in the experiment, I have left for RAM left 200 MB, so that some actions were made on the console with a sling. So if you plan to play games or a lot of applications open at the same time, to watch serious movies in good quality - do not be greedy take from 2GB a good Internet connection and happy faces.

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