Typical damage to a Samsung TV : it breaks down and how to fight it

Samsung TVs are very common in our country: the buyer draws an adequate price for the model and modern functionality. We, the masters, the Samsung TV has compartments for easy repair and maintenance. They have simple construction, many operations are predictable, and the manufacturer produces detailed technical documentation.

But if the failure is serious and requires replacement parts, and complete diagnostics for this type of work is to give techniques to the workshop, the technician carried out repair work in the workshop.

Samsung TV

What can go wrong in LCD and LED TVs Samsung
There are a few standard failures that are typical for modern models of Samsung televisions. Here are some of them:

  1. No image on screen. In most cases, the source of the problem is the display matrix is either faulty display controller Board T-CON. A similar problem arising in plasma models, may be caused by a failure of the Central Board. If when the art matrix screen becomes striped or blue – so it needs to be restored.
  2. Broken HDMI port. If you break a rule connecting the cable to this port may burnout the controller or even the Central Board. To avoid problems, it is necessary to connect the disconnected device – in other words, insert the cable into the connectors off the television and computer (player). If the failure happened, will help replace the HDMI controller, replacement or reflashing the main Board.
  3. Appliances not included. The red led lights up but goes out after. The reason for failure, problems with the power supply or the Central Board you need to either replace or reflash.
  4. No images in the presence of sound. Most likely, the cause is a problem with the inverter of the LCD screen. In most cases, a faulty transformer, the switching transistor or the controller.
  5. Screen is damaged. This problem not only Samsung, but all flat. There is nothing to fix: you need to completely change the matrix. Note, however, that its price is almost half the cost of the TV.

Problem with software and not only
Often it is necessary to perform a repair TV Samsung software: flaws in software can be identified by the intermittent settings for TV channels, the appearance of specific distortions when viewing in "Movie" mode. incorrect operation of the backlight. Software failure can also make the TV completely unworkable.

Loop matrix

A separate issue is the fault of LCD-matrixes of Samsung televisions. Most often it is expressed in the appearance of vertical lines on the entire screen or certain sections. The reason for this defect in most cases – a violation of the contacts in the compounds of the plumes. This means that you need to dismantle the matrix and restore contacts – work hard, and a good result is not always guaranteed.

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