Types highlights: Edge LED and Direct LED - what is it and how to choose

What is Edge-lit LED and Direct LED, what's the difference? These inscriptions began to dazzle signs new TV and, naturally, we think that this is something fresh and cool, but otherwise, before such was not!!! Earlier there were some uninteresting: end (side) and rear, which I some years ago wrote in the article: Device and working principle of LED TV there are, however, several types are described, but it's not about that.

So, we present to your attention Hl another invention of the Bicycle: Edge LED and Direct LED. You already understand? It is, Edge LED is a new trendy name the side or edge backlight, Direct LED - nothing like the usual back light Ag That is, have the same eggs, only in profile, but with a new strange foreign names. In principle, this article can finish, but once you have gathered here, will tell you a little bit new, what is not in the last article, which is still recommended reading.

Type backlight Direct LED
Direct LED backlighting, where the LEDs are located around the perimeter of the matrix, but unlike advertising images, not so much. I wonder how it works? Then look at pictures Ab

Direct LED illumination unit

Before you fragment plate illumination. LEDs themselves located in a kind of "buttons" which are a lens for a more uniform distribution of the luminous flux emitted by the led. On the plate deposited conductor and an insulator, typically LEDs connected in series in the aisles of one plank and failure of at least one leads to that the whole strap stops light. Can they easily replace regular led strips? No, you cannot.

backlight Direct LED

So are led strips inside the container of the matrix, if it itself and all the external lens is off. As you can see from the picture, the distance between the LEDs is about 8-12 cm (depending on type plate), so a good diffuser is a must, otherwise no uniform illumination, due to the greater in comparison with the Edge type LED, the thickness of the container matrix and, therefore, only the TV.

Type backlight Edge LED
When side or end Edge-lit LED, the LEDs are placed along the edges, or rather the ends, thick (8-10 mm) inner glass - svetorasseyaniya (in appearance - the usual frosted plexiglass). Typically used two strips located along the left and right ends of the matrix.

Edge LED - illumination unit

As you can see Dq of the photo, the LEDs are very close to each other, type their joints - mixed: all the LEDs is divided into several sections, in the aisles of each section connecting a serial (to reduce the load current), all plots have a common "minus" and "plus", which is powered via a special driver and key. In the event of failure of any element in the protection is activated and shut off the backlight.

end Edge-lit LEDedge-lit Edge LED

The bar gets very hot, so its substrate is a metal, it is tightly attached to a metal container matrix, which serves as a heat radiator. To replace one, broken, element is very difficult, and often impossible, we have to change the bar completely.

Highlights with Edge LED backlight
Speaking about the disadvantages of the mechanical type backlight, a special emphasis on the highlights. Highlights - the uneven illumination, in consequence of the deformation of the lens or rollplay design/build of the TV. In simple words, the led bracket and reflector (diffuser) should be strictly parallel over the entire area of contact, otherwise the light output from the LEDs will go nowhere and this place will be a dark spot, like this:

the Lit with Edge LED backlight

to Summarize

Advantages of Direct LED backlight:

  • Uniform illumination over the entire area
  • Less power consumption
  • maintainability
  • No glare

Cons Direct LED backlight:

  • on the TV is quite thick, approximately 20 mm, compared to another type
  • the Brightness is good, but not as much as in Edge LED

the Pros Edge LED backlight:

  • Thin matrix
  • brightness

Cons Edge LED backlight:

  • a Little more power
  • May cause glare

What to choose, the TV what type of illumination it is better to buy?
If you are a fan of the whole thin, take the Edge LED - stylish looks, just check carefully to avoid a glare that interfere with normal TV. However, if the TV is not standing, but hanging, but still not right, and tilted - then look in the direction of Direct LED, because the body is not so durable and deformation of the reflector with the subsequent starbursts - is possible.

cat TV

The rest - just look at the picture quality, like - take your cat and so will be unhappy, because to sleep is curled up will not work on any of these television Bk

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